Empower effortless communication via email

Make the process of customers reaching out to your business smooth and straightforward.

Enable customers to email you with a single click - no need to enter the email address, think about the subject line or worry about the content. The predefined email is ready to be sent as soon as the QR code is scanned.

a person taking a photo of a QR code of a product

Increase Communication Ability

Speed up the process of customers sending the emails by predefining the subject line, the content, and already inserted email address ensuring that no email gets lost. Empower customers to email regarding specific products and services that might otherwise be difficult to find SKU numbers for, improving engagement rates and overall customer satisfaction.

Improve Quick and Simple Interaction

If you are selling a service and someone would like to contact you directly, saving time with a prewritten automated QR code is the most convenient way to do it. Customers can also use the email to alter the predefined message and ask any questions they want instead of filling out an online contact form from your website, and possibly writing their email address wrong. This boosts the relationship between the company and the consumer and ensures the best client experience.

Decrease Mistakes When Typing

Make fewer mistakes when typing in the wrong email address. Get all of the information you need quickly and keep the other person’s contact information easily. It's also easier to send an email about specific product information with long SKU numbers that can be mistaken. Scanning QR codes can repopulate the email with the full name of the product, reducing potential mistakes that may arise if the product name is typed manually.

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