5 Ways QR Codes Improve Customer Experience

Feb 17, 2021
the happy customer uses qr code at the checkout

Improving the customer experience is now more effectively done through mobile phones with customer feedback. Between March and September 2020 alone, more than 18% of USA and UK respondents polled concluded that QR code usage had noticeably increased in the 6 short months in addition to the previous consistent rise throughout the last decade. 

If your goal is to improve your customers’ experience within minutes to receive valuable customer feedback, share optional contact information, and engage with customers on social media, then getting a QR code is the next necessary step. QR codes are the trend of 2022 for industries ranging from retail, hospitality to business services, and can often be found on a wide range of marketing materials.

5 ways you can enhance the customer experience with QR codes:

1. QR codes increase customer satisfaction 

Satisfied customers are loyal customers. They come back to businesses they already know instead of buying from a competitor unless a discount or incentive is given to stray. 

This RightNow Technologies report shows 81% of respondents would keep coming back if they had a good experience and 85% are willing to pay 25% more given an exceptional customer service experience. Where 58% of respondents wanted a same-day response on social media sites to comments, only 22% received responses from companies. Listening to your customers and taking action on it is very important for ensuring good customer service overall. 9 out of 10 consumers read reviews before buying products online. 

When action is taken by the company and the reviews are in good standing online, it increases the company's rapport and people trust them more and continue to buy, therefore customer satisfaction will increase in the long term.

Where Supercode QR codes can fill in the gap of this lost communication is with the feedback QR code. With one click customers can give feedback on a wide array of products and services for retail, hospitality, healthcare, food, and many other industries. Customers can now feel heard by being given the option to give feedback. When the company presents customers with an opportunity to give feedback within seconds by simply scanning a QR code, it becomes easier for the company to achieve a higher customer satisfaction level by analysing feedback and acting on customer responses.

QR codes also provide valuable marketing data to big corporations regarding customer habits and trends. While this can still work for smaller companies, some of the larger ones include McDonald's and Starbucks, where purchases made through QR codes, apps, and comparisons between food and pricing are all tracked by marketers to provide what the customer prefers. This relevance improves customer retention, always tracking and keeping up with customer preferences. 

Starbucks take-away cup with a QR code on the cup’s sleeve
Image source: Prachana Thong-on / Shutterstock

2. QR codes increase consumer trust through traceability

Now with traceability being the biggest supply chain trend of 2021, boosting consumer trust and brand loyalty through transparency go hand-in-hand. Using a QR code to tell a story, give history of the company, describe product origin and even tracking products are all done now through QR codes that are customizable with the level of transparency that is important to your brand. Such transparency about how the products are made, which materials were used, which working conditions are offered by the company and how sustainable the production process is empower customers to keep businesses accountable, connect to brands on a deeper level and trust the brands through each stage of the supply chain up until the product reaches the customer.

McDonald's made nutritional information available through QR code to fight against obesity and be more transparent. With this QR code, the customer could read various information about the product and be able to make healthier decisions than before, not knowing the nutritional value of each product. 

Mashable quotes Kevin Newell, McDonald's chief brand officer, "Our new packaging is designed to engage with customers in relevant ways and celebrate our brand. Customers tell us they want to know more about the food they are eating and we want to make that as easy as possible by putting this information right at their fingertips." 

Being that open and transparent about products boosted customer confidence and increased consumer trust.

Mcdonald's take-away paper bags with printed QR codes on them
Image source: Mashable

Supercode's various code types can route your client base to any digital story or information you need to tell through your website and social media pages, connecting customers with you to form a longer relationship than just one purchase.

3. QR code reward systems improve loyalty

Juniper research has stated that QR code rewards will double by 2022, to 4 billion, with Apple placing a QR code reader automatically in their cameras. InMoment measured that 77% of consumers buy from brands they are loyal to over time through communication and that 75% of consumers will recommend the brands they trust to friends and family. Opening up a communication path through QR code only increases effective customer retention, boosts repeat purchases and increases average transaction value when the products are recommended to others. Loyal customers are happy customers and QR codes linked to reward programs can not only meet but exceed the service they are already getting.

Returning customers spend 67% more on your brand than new ones because of the trust built up over time. Offering a monthly club price on a service will get you recurring business instead of just offering a one-time coupon, which hooks new customers. This trust building will increase overall sales over time. Using a Supercode QR code to automatically send the customer to the sign up for these loyalty programs is now more convenient than carrying cards in their wallets. In addition, a 5% customer retention rate increases profits by 25% - 95% according to this study by Bain and Company with Earl Sasser.

A growing number of marketers are leveraging QR codes as a key part of their marketing strategy to build customer trust and increase brand loyalty. Brands like Danone are linking QR codes with loyalty programs to drive savings, which keep customers coming back. Improving the customer experience with rewards over time can easily be redeemed through a Supercode QR code.

qr code based loyalty programs Danone
Image source: Digital Tourettes

Supercode's customizable and eye-catching QR codes are a fantastic way of sharing your customer loyalty and rewards program with your client base to improve their customer experience. Choose from a range of QR codes for your digital marketing campaign. Play with your logos and our beautiful designs to make a memorable code for your users.

4. QR codes improve quality control

There is more than one way to receive feedback from your customers by QR code to assess the quality of a service given and improve their customer experience. Either choose the aforementioned feedback QR code by Supercode, or make another type of QR code that leads to your online survey, social media, or website immediately.

In this transportation management study, public transportation passengers in Madrid were able to click QR codes to take surveys about their riding experience instead of taking face-to-face surveys. The study showed that the data could be collected easier and in a more eco-friendly way in addition to cost saving by the transportation company. This information was then used to improve the quality of the ride they are given based on passenger preferences. 

A printed QR code on a bus
Image source: KungCrayfish / Shutterstock

5. QR codes add value to customers with co-promotion

Placing a QR code on packaging of products and services and getting a free discount coupon or ticket to another event, product, or service with a partnering company is an amazing way for consumers to experience something new or value-added.

QR codes can be further utilised for co-promotion offering amazing ways for consumers to experience something new. Taco Bell had placed a QR code on The Taco 12 Pack and partnered with Bowl Championship Series (BCS) and ESPN to give exclusive access to BCS college games on ESPN. The customer experience is heightened and community is built through the love of tacos and college football. 

A QR code printed on a 12-pack Taco packaging
Image source: Restaurant News

This Square study shows that when polling shoppers, 25% said they made a purchase because something else came with it for free. Using a Supercode QR code on your packaging and linking it to a partnership for a discount, coupon, or sample is a fantastic way to improve the customer experience and grow your customer base where they may have never thought of you before, or using your product or service as a complement to the other purchased. In addition to building community between consumers, the movement will also build a relationship between companies. 

Are you ready to make a fabulous QR code to improve your customer experience? Make a few QR codes for free just to try it out. Supercode is confident we can help make your QR code marketing ideas a reality in just a few minutes to achieve improving your customers' experience. Supercode has a simple system to beautifully personalize your company QR codes in minutes and you’ll have fun adding your logo and company colors for a memorable QR code that sends analytics immediately based on your code type.


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