QR Code Marketing Takes Mobile Marketing to the Next Level

Mar 31, 2021
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QR code marketing is bringing mobile marketing farther than it's ever gone by connecting the physical world with digital channels of communication in every form. In fact, QR code marketing has become one of the most effective tools in mobile marketing campaigns in the last few years. Whether you operate a brick-and-mortar or online business, QR code marketing is the best way to market products and services to cell phone users.

Multiple industries have started to use QR code marketing to streamline their campaigns, or even to provide valuable content outside of the marketing sector. QR code marketing ideas have taken strategies to another level and make it convenient for customers to get the information they need, fast.

If you want to know how you can integrate QR code marketing into your campaigns to connect customers with you and your content quickly, safely, and easily, then this is for you! Check out these QR code marketing ideas below, and get going on your campaigns.

Why QR code marketing is more powerful than ever

If you want to drive more traffic to your website and social media accounts, capture the attention of more customers, and increase sales, QR code marketing has become the best approach. The dynamic nature of QR codes allows businesses to position themselves right in front of their target audience.

QR codes are easy to create for businesses and just as easy-to-use for customers no matter their knowledge of technology. High adoption rates amongst consumers make QR code marketing something businesses can no longer ignore. What is more, QR code marketing performance can be tracked and analysed which enables marketing teams to ensure that their campaigns deliver a positive MROI. QR code tracking is done automatically for dynamic QR codes in real-time in the Supercode analytics dashboard.

The creative ways that companies incorporate QR code marketing ideas into their branding are also notable. Since the popularity of QR code marketing continues to rise and draw attention to merchandise, businesses are even partnering with other causes, charities, or even just promoting topics they support through the use of the codes.

American food franchise, Chipotle Mexican Grill, sold out of their QR code t-shirts in 2020 in light of last-minute voting registration. They had created a QR code in the shape of their famous brand logo chili pepper and printed them on t-shirts with the phrase CHI-VOTE-LE. The QR routed to American voters' registration. This brilliant QR code marketing idea not only inspired people to act on a cause important to the brand but it gave Chipotle a chance to increase merchandise sales while showing their creative side.

Chipotle T-shirt QR Code
Image source: Marketing Dive

QR code marketing effectively connects physical products to digital content

QR code marketing offers a bridge between the digital and physical world that allows businesses to accomplish campaign goals faster. Essentially, a QR code is a physical link to the online world. Marketers can measure the success of the campaign, making it easier to scale while providing content useful to the audience.

QR codes are the fastest and most efficient way to convey or retrieve a piece of information. Marketers can even customize the digital content as per customers’ needs without having to reprint a physical code as long as they use a dynamic QR code which is editable. One of the most common uses is to educate consumers by sharing URL links, PDFs, and online presentations. More creative QR code marketing ideas include links to videos and even VR and AR experiences.

qr code marketing on a magazine page

QR code marketing opens up a dialogue between brands and consumers

QR code marketing establishes a two-way communication channel with customers, encouraging consumers to reach out to businesses via WhatsApp, SMS or email, submit enquiries, questions and suggestions, and leave feedback for further improvement of products and services. For example, La Bella Jewelry in the Dubai Mall placed a QR code in their shop window and on business cards with a vCard QR code with their contact information to encourage customers to get in touch with the brand representatives even without entering the store.  

Business card QR code

Nissan boosted customer engagement by creating an inventive augmented reality experience for children. Kids were able to download a PDF of a car, color it in at the "factory", and virtually drive their car in a 3D A/R experience by scanning the QR code on the PDF and taking a photo of their colorful new vehicle. This is a family-friendly way to keep children engaged while and a creative way for Nissan to incorporate a free, value-added game into their brand. Afterward, they invite you to share your vehicle on Instagram with the hashtag #NissanPlantTour to get users interacting with each other. 

Coloring AR book QR codes
Image source: Nissan Global

QR code marketing takes campaigns to another level

Before QR codes, mobile marketing consisted of ads appearing on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The ads were placed on web pages, displayed as sponsored posts on social media, and integrated into mobile apps; all of the marketing activities were purely online. QR code marketing has opened up new opportunities for mobile use since the codes can be printed and placed in physical locations for doing interesting activities and promoting products and services. What is more, the QR codes themselves are lot more creative than traditional black and white squares. Creating custom QR code designs can be done in minutes in your branded colors with your logo.

When it comes to the experience of end-users, consumers love QR codes! They are simple and fun to use and are the easiest way to get informative content in the blink of an eye, by simply directing a mobile phone camera on a QR code. In addition, consumers appreciate the transparency and they lower barriers for them to learn more about the products and the supply chain, connect with the brand online, and be a part of the community. 

QR code marketing introduces a customizable, trackable, and affordable option for businesses to make the information accessible to their target audience. Large corporations and small businesses alike can use a streamlined and strategic marketing approach thanks to QR codes. In short, QR codes have become more of a necessity than a novelty for businesses.

Bluebite recorded an important statistic showing significant growth in the number of scans in the last couple of years. In 2020 they had researched the use of QR codes between 2018-2019 to prove that people did embrace scanning QR codes and that even 35% of growth is for scans done on the same object more than once meaning that they are useful for permanent or updated information, reorders, and generally convenient if people are returning to scan them again. Since they are reaching more people, the percentage of scans also continues to grow at about the same rate.

QR code growth charts
Image source: Blue Bite

More information on how to use QR code marketing in your campaigns

Today QR codes are used to achieve different marketing objectives, such as increase the number of online sales, boost app downloads, connect on social media, organize a competition, offer a free gift, raise awareness, promote a business, and increase profit. Explore different ideas for marketing campaigns on our blog or head to our solutions page where you can find examples of some of the most successful companies in various industries integrating QR code marketing into their strategies. Marketers continue to come up with unique and customized QR code marketing campaigns all the time.

To conclude

Supercode QR code generator will get you to the top of your marketing game with an easy-to-use design system that creates eye-catching codes for you in just minutes. Use branded colors and a logo with a clear CTA and customers will see the value in your mobile marketing strategy and be inspired to scan. Do take advantage of our free educational resources to learn how to best utilize your codes according to your industry and individual uses.

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