How to Use QR Codes for Real Estate Marketing

Jul 5, 2022
qr code for real estate on a home listing

QR codes in the real estate market are the perfect substitute for outdated flyers and business cards. Since QR codes are a sustainable option for connecting a physical advertisement and a call-to-action for contact, they are a step up from traditional real estate marketing. Adding QR codes to billboards, displays, vehicles, and signs minimizes paper and ink printing and is more convenient for customers so they are able to store information in their mobile phones.

If you are a real estate agent or agency who wants to find out more about effectively using QR codes for your real estate marketing strategy, then you're in the right place. We'll show you top benefits, solutions, and how to make QR codes with an example guide and video tutorial below.

The benefits of using QR codes for real estate marketing

Before, brochures and pamphlets would get printed in beautiful colors only to be wasted, stolen, tossed in the bin, making all of your efforts null and costly. Only a small percentage of people receiving the printed real estate marketing materials would actually become home buyers. Moreover, all of the work you had done to market the content would go unnoticed. You'll be pleased to know another solution exists!

  1. QR codes for real estate maximize sustainability vs. producing excessive litter

Paper and ink are heavy and cause excessive use of natural and toxic materials only to be wasted later on. Since the real estate market is constantly moving, the marketing materials you used last week or last month need to be updated continuously. Since most people begin their searches for homes on the internet now, printed materials are an outdated solution to real estate marketing. Consumers value sustainability and notice if they buy a product or service that comes with too much waste. They will appreciate any company and service that cuts out the litter while producing the most updated content that is relevant to the home buyer.

  1. QR codes for real estate minimize costs vs. wasting money

Real estate marketing materials are costly. You also have trouble calculating the marketing return on investment of materials that have no verifiable tracking system. QR code tracking is included with each scanned dynamic QR code so you can measure how many people scanned, from what city, and at what time. In this way you can tell how many people really are interested and that your real estate marketing ideas are working. With printed materials it's harder to scale what is and isn't working, which wastes time and money for you. Another cost-saving benefit is that QR codes are the digital asset that never stops giving. As long as you keep your codes up to date, the person who scans will always see the newest information. If you put the QR code on merchandise, anyone who sees it is more likely to scan a QR code then type your phone number in their contact fields for future inquiries.

  1. QR codes for real estate boost mobile convenience vs. searching for real estate marketing materials

People use mobile phones to search on the internet now even more often than they use computers. They use phones on public transport to read the news. They use reading apps to buy and download books. Not only is it sustainable, but it's just more convenient than printing papers and carrying them everywhere. While it's true that some people still enjoy printed flyers and brochures, offering QR codes ensures that no matter what, people can store the information in their mobile phones. This means that you never run out of materials like can happen with prints or having too many leftover which is wasteful.

How to use different QR codes for real estate marketing ideas

URL QR Codes - Use a dynamic vs. static QR code for your real estate marketing campaign. Since URL QR codes come in both forms, it's important for two reasons. Static QR codes are great for information that never changes and can be tracked with Google Analytics that take a bit of work on your behalf. However, dynamic QR codes never have to be physically reprinted, leaving your advertisements editable on the back end whenever you want to make an update. Moreover, dynamic QR code tracking is done in real-time on Supercode's analytics dashboard and costs the creator zero extra time or effort, and that goes for any dynamic QR code type.

dynamic vs. static qr code chart

How can you use dynamic URL QR codes for real estate marketing? Send potential clients to your landing page, appointment booking page, listing information, and any other web pages that have a clear call-to-action for that benefits your target audience (TA).

Image QR Codes - Image QR codes are perfect for real estate marketing because of its multi-functionality. Not only is the QR code able to display beautiful photographs of the newest listings, but it comes with a call-to-action button you can use to have home buyers RSVP to open houses or book an appointment with you. Additionally, add your website URL so home buyers are intrigued to click on it and see your landing page for everything you have to offer.

PDF QR Codes - These codes are perfect for writing a longer amount of quality content and enabling the person who scans to store the PDF in their mobile phone. It makes brochures and pamphlets obsolete, or makes flyers smaller to save on paper and ink printing. Print QR codes with PDFs on signs in front of properties with information about them. Or put them on the window of your office next to each listing so onlookers can take the information home with them instead of taking dark, shiny, or blurry photos of the listings with their phones. 

Social Media QR Codes - Make a social media QR code to route your TA to any of your profiles. Supercode enables you to put all of your profiles on one palette so the person scanning can choose where to connect with you. This QR code works wonders for real estate marketing because your audience never has to search for you online again, making it convenient for them to find you immediately and avoiding the risk of them finding a competitor instead. It is one of the most effective QR codes for real estate that you can use.

real estate qr code pink palette for social media

WhatsApp QR Codes - These codes when scanned route the user straight to WhatsApp with your phone number and optional prewritten text. Put a WhatsApp QR code on printed materials, public displays, billboards, and anywhere else you want people to find your phone number. Even put one on your website with a clear call-to-action and your logo in the center or the WhatsApp logo in that space so people know what to expect when they scan. People aren't intrigued by codes that do not have a clearly stated reason. As a result, your new contacts won't have to type in your phone number for an error-proof process every time.

pink whatsapp qr code for real estate

vCard QR Codes - The codes are magical because they fill in contact information straight to the user's mobile phone contact input fields for mistake-proof information every time. These static QR codes are fantastic for business cards or just keep the QR code in your phone and allow new contacts to scan it from their phones directly for a more sustainable option. Always keep a vCard QR code in your phone if you leave the business cards at home. Even put them on different materials so people can get a hold of you immediately. Or for another creative option, put different QR code types on the back of your business card to highlight your best properties at the moment or to connect on social media. The possibilities can work with any of your real estate marketing ideas!

Feedback QR Codes - Do you have the desire to know what your clients thought about your services? Now you can use a QR code that offers a star rating system with optional comments and contact information so you can respond with action. These are great for making any adjustments to your routines, office space, open house events, and anything else. Program your own questions in the QR code feedback form or use Supercode's prewritten options if they suit you.

Email QR Codes - Email QR codes are a great solution on any materials for people to contact you about your services. The user's email app will open when the QR code is scanned. The to and from email addresses will automatically be filled in. Add prewritten text in the QR code that is adjustable in the body of the email, to encourage people to contact you about a specific purpose.

prewritten email for real estate marketing

SMS QR Codes - Perfect for SMS text messaging with local phone numbers. Prewritten text is also available in this QR code. When scanned it opens straight to the user's texting app so they can message you right away for appointments, RSVPs, and more. Put these codes anywhere you want your audience to get your phone number for ultimate convenience.

Plain Text QR Codes - Not to be confused with texting which is done by SMS text messaging, these plain text QR codes pop up a password or phrase when scanned. These can be used for WiFi passwords in your office or anything you want to convey quickly and directly. They are static codes.

Bulk QR Codes - It's possible to generate QR codes in bulk with Supercode. If you need to generate a lot of one type of code you can upload a .csv file (spreadsheet) with the information instead of entering each one manually. For a complete guide on how to do this or how to generate any QR codes separately, please refer to our free guide about how to create QR codes.

How to make a QR code for real estate marketing

While it's true any code is beneficial for real estate marketing, we'll show you how to make a PDF QR code and you can watch the video tutorial below as well. 

1. Create a new QR code - go to Supercode QR Code Generator and sign in. Click + Create a new code. In this screen choose the PDF option to make this type of code. Click Next.

create a pdf qr code for real estate supercode dashboard

2. Fill in the content. We'll use Supercode's 50 Dos and Don'ts PDF as an example. Feel free to click the link and download it for tips and tricks about making, designing, and printing the perfect QR code! 

For detailed content information: (1) Add your company name, title of the PDF, description, and your web address. (2) Upload the PDF. (3) Choose a preview image and upload it. (4) Here you'll want to put your branded colors for the palette which displays when the code is scanned. You will design the code in the next screen. (5) Add your internal notes and add to a folder in your Supercode account to keep your real estate marketing campaign codes organized. (6) Preview your palette here. Click Save to move on to the next screen. This code is dynamic so you can modify it later if needed.

enter content in pdf qr code with cell phone on screen

3. Modify the code design - In the code tab you'll be able to design the QR code with your branded colors to make it stand out. Use the basic option for 3 of the same corners or the advanced option to design 3 different corners. Use contrasting colors to make sure it scans, or it won't. When you're finished, click the Frame tab. It's not necessary to hit Save until the last tab. If you do, you will have saved the code and be sent to the dashboard. Just click modify the design to get back in if that happens.

modify pdf qr code screen

4. Modify the frame design - You can go frame free or you can add an option with customizable colors like the code below. Whether it be on a frame or on real estate marketing materials, writing a call-to-action or purpose of the code is suggested. People need a reason to scan. There is a limited amount of characters because frames are compact so make your message inviting and to the point. When you're finished, click the logo tab.

modify frame qr code screen

5. Modify the logo design - This is also optional but easy-to-do. Just upload your company logo by clicking on the plus sign or add something that is suggestive so people know why they should scan (like our WhatsApp example above). On our PDF code below, we opted out of a logo because we have already incorporated it into our other materials. Think ahead of where you'll be printing these when you make the design. Designs are also modifiable with any code so you can change your mind about the design later as long as you're willing to reprint it. When you're finished, click Save.

modify pdf qr code screen

6. Download the QR code - You'll find yourself back in your Supercode dashboard now with your code at the top. Click the drop down and choose, download. 

download pdf qr code screen
pdf qr code blue and purple

Video tutorial on how to make a QR code for real estate marketing

See our video tutorial below where we demonstrate the example of a PDF QR code. For free video tutorials on how to make any of our QR codes listed above for your real estate marketing ideas, please subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Final thoughts on QR codes for real estate marketing

The diverse range of uses for QR codes for real estate marketing benefits agents and agencies for connecting immediately with their TA and providing the information necessary for home buyers without using traditional printed real estate marketing materials. This helps save on time, costs, and paper and ink, for a convenient, mobile-friendly, and sustainable real estate marketing solution.

Try Supercode for free to launch or improve your real estate marketing campaign and watch how your connections increase, your communication improves, and your costs decrease. For more interesting ideas about how to use QR codes for sales and marketing techniques that can help you, check out our library of free resources for ideas!


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