QR Codes for Street Advertising and Billboards

large qr code on a white billboard

QR codes can be used for street advertising where there is foot traffic to get peoples' attention. It is a great way to optimise your marketing campaign and track measurable results. Somewhere a car is already parked, a place where people wait in line or pass by often, or close to a bus stop is most favorable. Create QR codes that have eye-catching designs so potential consumers can see your best digital marketing campaign that goes beyond one-dimensional advertisements.

Using QR codes for street advertising is a practical way to embrace virtual advertisements spanning to the general public. Use QR codes to boost your digital marketing campaign that will be visible to everyone for a versatile audience that can be measured more effectively than one-dimensional print-only campaigns and advertisements.

Benefits of Using QR Codes for Street Advertising

1. It captures consumer attention

Placing a beautifully designed QR code on a billboard or street advert will attract the eye. Billboards and adverts with stunning QR codes are very likely to attract scans, especially if there is a clear call-to-action or incentive involved, such as a discount on a product or service.

2. It allows for location comparisons

Billboards and adverts without QR codes are harder to track because there is no easy way to tell where responses are coming from. Placing QR codes on adverts in different locations will allow you to track responses with the scan of every QR code.

3. It's a clear call-to-action

Billboards and adverts have no way of encouraging consumers to take action right away. Integrating social media accounts, websites, and purchasing information into a QR code makes it more convenient for consumers to scan the QR code right away and take action. Moreover, these codes can be shared with others through smartphones whereas regular billboards and adverts cannot.

4. QR code analytics for scaling marketing campaign scans

The Supercode analytics dashboard allows users to analyse each scan to measure the success of their campaigns, know where website traffic is coming from, and use this knowledge to make any marketing improvements. Billboards without QR codes have no way of tracking how many people have responded to the marketing campaign. This helps companies to understand better who their campaign has successfully targeted by the people responding.

5. Easy editing

Use a dynamic QR code on your billboard or advert for easy editing. Do you need to change or update information? This can be done in the QR code without having to reprint any adverts in public.

qr code advert on a street display
Image source: The Hot Iron

Applications for Using QR Codes for Street Advertisements

1. Educate consumers regarding brand and product knowledge

One of the most common applications of QR codes on street advertising and billboards is to educate current and potential customers about branded products and services across a broad audience in a public space. Give people something to do as they wait and spend time in beautiful public spaces by providing them with interactive QR codes that can take people to the website, promote competitions, download the app and more. 

2. Provide augmented reality (AR) experiences about products, services, and shows

When consumers and passersby click the QR code to your social media or website, they can view AR experiences you upload so they can get to know your products, your brand, or your location. Great for advertising upcoming shows and events by getting people excited with previews. Also great for advertising new collections in fashion lines with videos and 360 views of clothes on models with outfit concepts. 

3. Make e-commerce simple

Being able to order any product from your e-commerce site can be done by scanning a QR code and routing to an e-store. When advertising product information, always give the option to buy. Placing a QR code on a billboard to buy the exact product advertised, or compliments and accessories will make their purchases more convenient.

4. Customer interaction through social media

Make it simple for consumers to follow your brand after they have scanned a fantastic QR code on your public advertisement. Now customer interaction with your marketing team can be achieved in a more personal way, while regularly seeing your promotions, events, and services.

zebra qr code on an intel advertisement billboard
Image source: Cait's Take Blog

5. Offer exclusive deals for scanning QR codes

Offer a discount or incentive for your customers when they scan a QR code and follow your social media, sign up for a newsletter, or download your app. People like to receive a reward in return for scanning and this makes it interesting and fun for them to do so.

6. Advertise a play or a show

Give your audience all of the resources to check out plots, actors, schedules, AR experiences, and to buy tickets to your show online. Just attach a URL QR code to your advertisement to share all the information! 

qr code advert on a building 
Image source: Inventor Spot

How to Make a QR Code for Street Advertisements

Creating QR codes on Supercode is easy and takes seconds. Here is a quick guide on how to create QR codes for street advertisements to achieve your marketing goals. 

1. Choose the right type of QR code. Here are some of our suggestions: 

  • URL QR Codes - perfect for sharing website content or sending customers directly to brand information, e-stores, making appointments, or AR experiences. 
  • Plain Text QR Codes - best for making discount codes for seasonal or limited-time promotions. These codes are static and cannot be changed.
  • Social Media QR Codes - ideal for brands and organizations aiming to increase the number of followers on their social media accounts and for customer interaction on a more personal level.
  • Email QR Codes - fantastic for questions regarding services directly like hair salons and spas.
  • Bulk QR Codes - perfect for making many codes at one time with static, dynamic, and one-off options.
Supercode different types of QR codes

2. Create a code 

Creating a code on Supercode is easy and takes seconds. Choose the type, the link or the content to include and click on save when you are ready. 

create a QR code on Supercode QR code generator platform

3. Modify the design 

Design the QR code to make an attractive design so consumers will want to scan. 

modify design of a QR code on Supercode QR code generator platform

4. Add your QR code to a folder to organize your workspace

Add customizable categories for new folders in the Supercode dashboard. Or, add your new QR code to a preexisting folder, both of which you can share with your marketing and management teams. 

save QR codes to different folders on Supercode platform

5. Test the code 

Scan the code by directing your phone camera on it and check if all the content displayed is correct. To make changes, simply go back to the dashboard and edit the code. 

bright colourful QR codes generated on Supercode platform

6. Print the code

Print the QR code on your street advertisement to enhance your digital marketing campaign.

Supercode QR code printed on a business card

7. Track analytics

Track analytics of every scanned QR code on Supercode's dashboard.

Supercode analytics dashboard with QR code scans performance

Learn how to make QR codes in bulk with our Bulk QR code generator here.

Best Practices for Street Advertisements

1. Place directly on buildings for a striking effect

The N Building, in the Tachikawa District of Tokyo has displayed a digital masterpiece of a QR code right on the building! Since Japan is one of the most digitally and technologically entertaining cities in the world, it isn't surprising that they have tailored AR experiences for consumers in many different industries. This stunning QR code routes to store information that updates regularly, with fantastic incentives like downloadable coupons and links to their social media sites.

a qr code integrate in the building design in Tokyo
Image source: Inventor Spot

2. Show off new products and collections for your retail brand

Educate your customers with a QR code that is paired up with a fashion item to tell a story. Line up fashion items that compliment others and give outfit suggestions. Show your creativity and place 360 views of models on clothes for AR experiences for your customers!

Calvin Klein made a beautiful campaign for Calvin Klein Jeans X, with QR codes on billboards in Houston, Los Angeles and New York, at the corner of popular intersections, that routed to a video campaign with various models wearing the new skinny jeans. Jennifer Crawford, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Calvin Klein in New York stated, "It was very successful and you will see QR codes continue to be integrated into our upcoming campaigns."

huge qr code on a Calvin Klein Jeans billboard
Image source: Forbes

3. QR codes for casinos and resorts

Now billboards advertising roadside casinos will be more attractive and alluring to guests seeking a great time! Entice them with AR experiences and offers they won't be able to pass up! Use a beautifully designed QR code to send customers to your website where you can promote events, book rooms, and offer incentives and promotions on restaurants and gaming to get them to scan your code! Use QR code scanning analytics to measure the website traffic from your marketing campaign like never before. 

Little River Casino Resort placed this fantastic billboard on the side of this building to drive traffic to their exquisite resort and casino.

qr code casino advertisement on a billboard on brick building
Image source: How to Geek

4. Advertise new music, shows, movies, and more

BTS, the famous K-Pop boy band, placed a QR code featuring their new music on a billboard in Japan to advertise their upcoming album at the time. Sharing previews of music videos, audios, and special discounts on public billboards on busy streets is a great incentive for fans and new audiences to experience upcoming works in the entertainment industry.

qr code music album release ad 
Image source: Twitter post

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