URL QR codes are the fastest way to send a web link

Generate QR codes for URLs to link to your amazing landing pages!

Generate QR codes for URLs to increase website traffic, share YouTube videos, give your customers access to online stores, link documents, promotions, and adverts.

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Make it Convenient to Find Your Website

These codes are quick to create and are easy to use. URL QR codes enable audiences to quickly access the information on your website or any specific page by simply scanning a QR code. Dynamic QR codes also empower businesses to replace the content at any time, making it a much more eco-friendly way of sharing the relevant information and significantly reducing the printing costs. Use it to engage with your customers while they are waiting in the lobby or a restaurant or place URL QR codes on your marketing materials.

Show-off Your Brand

The most effective way to attract attention to your QR codes and increase the number of scans is to make them stand out! Forget boring black-and-white QR codes! Incorporate your logo, use your own colours and choose from a variety of frames on Supercode to customise your URL QR codes. Make your creative QR code design a part of your powerful visual representation of your brand and boost your brand recognition.

Provide Simple Access to Information

Would you like to inform your audience about industry-relevant information? Generate a QR code for URL in either static or dynamic formats for unchanging or trackable and editable information respectively. Once the URL QR code is in their mobile phones, they can’t lose it as easily as they could with printable materials so it is more user-friendly and sustainable.

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