Efficiently reach wide audiences creating QR codes in bulk

Create amazing QR codes in bulk in just seconds to accommodate any large audience for any campaign.

Have the ability to offer one-off scannable QR code coupons to a large number of customers, track inventory and logistical necessities with unique QR code identities for optimal traceability, easy and quick personal identification for a high amount of students registering for classes, tracking attendance at work, and use for any wide array of campaigns.

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Make Your Life Easier

Making QR codes in bulk is a joy to do and very simple with Supercode's Bulk QR code generator for high amounts of codes. This system enables marketing teams and managers to upload a CSV file with the information needed, making every code unique to the scanner, while keeping the design consistent for every code. These QR codes empower businesses to cater to large audiences and track every individual scan for proper analytics. Even generating dynamic QR codes is an option, making it simple to edit information for any particular code at any given time. It only takes minutes to generate the codes for the convenience of the creator.

Create Scalable QR Code Campaigns

The most effective way to make many codes for the same campaign is by creating them in bulk. Analysing your campaign has never been easier, as every scanned QR code is tracked in Supercode's analytics dashboard with optional time frames. Entering each QR code manually would be time consuming and when tracking various campaigns would be more confusing to manage as a whole. Additionally, keep codes organized in customizable folders for your marketing team on Supercode's dashboard.

Practice Time and Cost-Efficiency

Generating every QR code one by one would take ages. This intelligent feature allows you to reduce time and labor costs from start to finish. Bulk QR code generator empowers your business to create and quickly implement powerful QR code campaigns to achieve your business goals effectively. This substantially reduces production costs since the feature is included in Supercode's plans.

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