Plain text QR codes communicate your messages with ease

Create a plain text QR code to display important messages.

Create a plain text QR code to relay a message fast to your audience. Use for information that doesn't change frequently like WiFi passwords in cafes.

plain text QR code on a mobile display

Share Informative Text

With this static QR code, businesses can digitally display text important to convey the message to the reader. This is a basic plain text QR code that needs no internet connection to scan. Share security keys, passwords, WiFi passwords with plain text up to 300 characters.

Personalize Messages

Your message is not one to miss! Make a QR code captivating by customising the design, including your logo, and branded colours and frames to fit your branding guidelines.

Go Sustainable

Choose an eco-friendly way of displaying important messages while reducing your printing costs. Be mistake-proof and sustainable.

Professionalise your QR code strategy.
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