Create unique QR codes in seconds

Supercode is a professional QR code creation platform for businesses.

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Professional qr code platform

Create and manage QR codes

Create QR codes in seconds

Whether you need to share text, URLs, or any other content, Supercode will generate a bespoke QR code for you in seconds. You can add your own colour scheme and logo to make it pop, or choose from one of our ready-made templates if you’re in a hurry.

Design memorable digital experiences with QR codes
Update QR code content, even after printing

Design memorable digital experiences

By using Supercode’s intuitive digital experience designer, you can easily create high-end, personalised interactions with your customers so you can stay in touch with them even when they’re offline.

Update content, even after printing

There’s always been one big problem with QR codes: What happens if you need to change something after you’ve created and distributed the graphic? Supercode elegantly avoids that pitfall by allowing you to adapt the content the QR code leads to — so no matter how many copies you’ve already distributed, they’ll all lead to the same place.

Track your QR code campaign performance with powerful analytics
Create QR codes in seconds

Track your QR code campaign performance with powerful analytics

With Supercode’s high-powered analytics dashboard, it’s easy to measure the ROI of your QR code marketing campaigns. Keep track of all your campaign data — including how, when, where, and on what devices the scans are taking place — with one straightforward, easy-to-use tool.


The ultimate guide to QR code marketing

Download our free guide to the world of QR codes. With 50 Dos & 50 Don’ts, it’ll cover everything you need to know to get up and running, including:

What are the best ways to create QR codes?

Why should you consider using QR codes in your marketing campaigns?

The key types of codes you need to understand for optimal results

Case studies, use cases, and more

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Make QR codes work for your business

Types of QR codes

QR code types & features

Discover more about the different kinds of QR codes, and how you can use them to build stronger relationships with your customers:

  • URLs: Perfect for sending customers to your website, YouTube channel, or other digital shop windows
  • Plain text: The right choice for digitally displaying text or sending automated emails
  • SMS: For when you want to reach your customers even if they don’t have a WiFi connection
  • vCard: Share your digital business card with millions of people all over the world
QR code use cases

QR code applications & use cases

Find out the best ways to use QR codes to enhance your business, depending on what industry you’re in and how you’d like to serve your users:

  • For marketeers — Learn how QR codes can help you take your marketing campaigns to the next level
  • For restaurants — Explore how you can give your customers a safer, more direct experience in your establishment with QR codes
  • For commerce — We’ll show you how you can use QR codes to expand your reach, drive more leads, and boost your conversions
  • For agencies — Show a whole new world of clients how you can solve their problems and improve their ROI

A powerful tool for your QR code campaigns

Dynamic and static codes

Static QR codes are perfect for when you’re launching a long-term campaign, while dynamic codes are the ideal choice for when you’ll need 
to regularly update your content.
Combine the two for the perfect strategy.

Customize the QR code design

With Supercode, you can choose from one of our pre-built templates, or tell your brand story by personalising your codes with your colour scheme, logo, and branding guidelines.

View scan analytics

Get granular with your campaign results through our intuitive dashboard and monitor all the metrics you need, including the number of scans, unique interactions, and engagement rates.

Create interactive QR codes

By launching interactive feedback pages, you’ll be able to build two-way communication channels with your customers. It’s the perfect way to get to know them and their problems better.

Organise with folders

Create folders for your QRs, sort them by type, date of creation, or performance, and say goodbye to a messy, disorganised workspace with our straightforward project manager.

Bulk QR codes

Create QR codes in bulk from .csv or Excel files. Bulk codes can have a custom design, a custom expiration date, and feature unique text on every image. Bulk-generate both static and dynamic codes.


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