WhatsApp QR codes empower customers to reach out from anywhere

Create a WhatsApp QR code with a prewritten message to make customer interaction easy with Supercode WhatsApp QR code generator

A WhatsApp QR code will change the way you perform conversational converse. Scan a WhatsApp QR code in any advertisement for a direct connection around the world.

supercode whats app qr code getting scanned in magazine

Add a Better Way to Communicate

Empower customers to send your business prewritten messages to ask specific questions about products and services, make reservations and appointments, and confirm and cancel them quickly all while being able to ask questions about details. The WhatsApp QR code will direct them straight to WhatsApp when scanned so there won’t be any question about dialing a wrong number and the business not responding.

Send Messages From Anywhere

Provide a WhatsApp QR code to be able to instantly assist international customers as it’s the most widely used messaging platform in the world. If there is no internet connection the message will save in the application until the sender connects to the internet. It’s also great for running an international business when customers don’t have to be charged by phone carriers to contact you by SMS text messaging. The WhatsApp QR code will access the company’s number for saving in mobile storage.

Strengthen Connections

Having a WhatsApp QR code is a great way to boost conversational commerce for the most transparent shopping experience possible. Conversational commerce is now the best way to keep in touch with your customers and strengthen long term relationships.

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