Why Conscious Consumers Are Embracing QR Codes

Mar 16, 2021
man scanning a qr code in a guitar store

Conscious consumers are taking notice of the value and benefits of QR codes for diverse functionalities. QR code marketing has consistently been on the rise because of sustainability and convenience. They make brochures and packaging on products is more eco-friendly. Environmentally friendly lifestyles have begun to dominate what consumers buy and in turn have shifted society towards searching for sustainable companies with more eco-friendly packaging and sustainable marketing strategies altogether. QR code technology is playing a big role in the supply chain to further sustainable efforts. According to Oberlo.com, "66% of consumers think transparency is one of the most attractive qualities in a brand." Not only is the supply chain industry benefiting from QR code technology, but all types of industries have begun to try it out and with great responses from consumers. 

Don't you want customers to return to you and refer you based on loyalty, trust and ease? Incorporating QR codes to boost your green game, make life easier for consumers, and keep customer interaction going, can be done quickly with Supercode. Uses for QR codes in everyday life are increasing all the time.

If you're wondering why you should implement QR codes into your marketing strategy, here are 5 reasons consumers just won't stop scanning QR codes.

Reason 1: Scanning QR codes is easy to do 

Everyone who has a mobile phone can scan QR codes automatically with their scanner that comes automatically included in any mobile phone now. In this case, there is no need for specific devices like with NFC. Even people who are not keen on technology can do it. Since it's so easy, there's no need for excessive printing. And any advertisement can add a QR code, making it easier for customers to connect to e-commerce stores, social media accounts, valuable content, and more, fast.

Reason 2: Scanning QR codes is safe

QR code technology is safe because the physical code can't be altered and the information where the code sends the scanner can only be changed in a dynamic QR code such as on a landing site or any other editable information online. Trusting the source is another issue; if one scans a code that links to a page that downloads immediately without the users' consent, that has to do with the source that made the code, not the QR code technology itself, which could also happen by entering an untrustworthy website straight from a mobile or computer anyways. Unless a hacker has access to the QR code generator software and account of the person or business who made the code, the information linked to it would not be able to be changed. 

QR code scanning is also safe for shopping, banking, and payment solutions, as multi-factor authentication is necessary to complete the transaction. Many governments and banking institutions have begun to implement QRs for payment over credit cards. However, mainstream QR code generators like Supercode are not financial institutions so they do not take your banking information. They only route users to provided content like websites, PDFs, social media accounts, and any content that is not payment related.

consumer making a purchase with a qr code on his mobile
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Reason 3: Scanning QR codes is engaging 

Consumers learn more about companies and products when they scan a QR code and it takes them to websites or AR and VR experiences. Also, with feedback QR codes, consumers can give suggestions, share ideas about improving the services or products of a company, and give star ratings that businesses can see immediately in the Supercode analytics dashboard. QR code tracking is automatically done in real-time, by city, time, and amount of scans. They can't take personal information. Customer interaction increases overall through using QR codes as a tool for ease and convenience.

Moreover, it is easier for consumers to connect with businesses using QR codes for social media as they don't have to go searching for the company through different social media channels. When it's an easy-to-use tool that people can just scan and connect immediately, they will be more inclined to interact.

Reason 4: Scanning QR codes promotes transparency

It is more important these days for people to know where and how their goods were produced. Sprout Social "surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers on their transparency beliefs, expectations and desires to develop this study, From Risk to Responsibility: Social Media and the Evolution of Transparency. First and foremost, our research found that 86% of Americans say transparency from businesses is more important than ever before." This information is important because people want to know about the processes behind production, labor conditions, how eco-friendly the company is, and consumers also care about authenticity.

Nestle has been a driver of sustainability for many years, citing zero waste to landfills and supporting the building of Ivory Coast schools where they buy cocoa. They also share about charities they help and how they sustain the environment by reducing waste wherever possible. By incorporating QR codes onto their food packaging, not only do they share about ingredients that are too small on labels, but they give conscious consumers insight into the process, goals, and values of the company as a whole.

kit kat bar qr code on wrapper
Image source: Confectionery News

Reason 5: Scanning QR codes empowers conscious consumers to support sustainable brands 

Conscious consumers want to buy from brands that align with their values and are even willing to pay more for those brands. People simply frown upon excessive printing nowadays and since dynamic QR codes can be edited content-wise, it ensures there will be less waste. 

According to this Barrons.com study, "The environment is a priority not only for North American customers. Globally, nearly eight in 10 consumers surveyed say they value sustainability. Over 70% of these respondents would pay, on average, 35% more for eco-friendly brands."

To conclude

QR codes continue to improve the customer experience and provide interesting and engaging content in diverse ways. Making consumers' lives easier by incorporating QR codes into your digital marketing strategy will strengthen their trust and make them choose you over a competitor.

Dive into the technology that only continues to gain momentum year after year. Sign up for Supercode QR code generator to achieve your sustainability goals today.


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