5 Best Ways to Use QR Codes for Social Media Marketing

May 17, 2021
lady standing in a picture frame with qr code for social media around her

Add a social media QR code to display all of your profiles on one dashboard, with Supercode. Giving your audience one place to follow your profiles will help you to:

achieve better communication
give one-dimensional advertising a virtual twist
promote brand awareness
generate leads
convert leads to customers
•  increase sales

If you want to know how QR codes for social media work, how to make one in minutes (including a video tutorial below), how you can use QR codes for social media to your best benefit, and view some practical examples, then this article is for you!

How does a QR code for social media work?

QR codes for social media enable the creator to add all of their profiles to one palette. This allows the audience to scan a QR code for social media, view the palette, and choose which profiles they would like to connect with all in one place. QR codes for social media are editable in case you change your usernames in any of the accounts or your other information, or even if you add new accounts. Having one QR code to keep all of your social media accounts in gives the person who’s scanning knowledge of every profile you have instead of having to search for it later online. It removes that extra step and also saves the business from the customer possibly following a competitor with a similar username.

It’s also possible to generate a QR code for each social media outlet a company has but it isn’t recommended as it takes up a lot of space having tons of QR codes on marketing materials and too many of them can bombard the customer. They would also have to be scanned multiple times to get the same effect as one code which shows all of the options immediately and people who scan can choose what to follow from there.

qr code for social media palette
Image source: Supercode QR Code Generator

Why should you use QR codes for social media?

QR code marketing transforms conventional advertisements into conversational, modern campaigns that promote brand recognition and gives the company a life instead of just a one-dimensional image on a display that could not be responded to in the past, except by counting ambiguous sales numbers later on. The frustration of not knowing if marketing campaigns were working in the past can now be simply tracked and scaled with QR codes.

These interactive marketing strategies through QR codes for social media are now commonplace and have been making their way across multiple industries. Connect different profiles, apps, m-commerce stores, and additionally post different types of QR codes on your social media profiles to accelerate fun campaigns like giveaways, promotions, scavenger hunts, challenges, coupons, and discounts. 

Best practices for using QR codes for social media

1. Promote brand awareness and recognition with a QR code for social media

Incorporating QR codes into your social media strategy will increase brand awareness through the abundance of share buttons that are available through social media accounts and the enthusiastic followers who are happy with your products or services. QR codes that route any information from online AR and VR experiences, to m-commerce stores, maps, and other necessities to connect, interact, and purchase, are now simple to scan and share for users and their social circles. 

Consumers who are already purchasing and interacting with you can now be more aware of promotions, sales, giveaways, and more. Brand recognition is now more important than ever and consumers care about where their products and food come from and what the company stands for in terms of social accountability, sustainability, and global causes. Providing a QR code for social media will help people get to know you better and build consumer trust.

2. Increase engagement with a QR code for social media

Marketing with two-way communication channels opens up the ability for consumers to respond making your efforts more powerful according to changes and market trends and that knowledge is the key to improving your business, products, service, supply chain, increasing sales, stability, and optimal customer acquisition. QR codes open up that ability because they are scannable in seconds and can be added to any marketing campaigns and materials and placed in any space. QR codes partnered with social media outlets have been proven to work in favor of businesses with scans being led to social media sites for boosting followers or for later campaigns that are shared on sites with QR codes. Since dynamic QR codes are traceable in real-time and by location, you can scale the number of scans and to what campaigns they were used for. 

When companies look at the opinions, comments, likes, and shares of others, it is easy to see what people want and respond to that in their own way with their own style. Customer responses to marketing campaigns and promotions that involve QR codes for social media level up the traditional campaigns that had no interaction, leading to ambiguity in measuring MROI and awkward surveys.

Printing a QR code on receipts, bags, and product labels for example, that connects to your social media is the best way to now increase engagement with customers you already have, and is just one way to gain insight into the market trends and what people expect. It’s also easy for consumers to share QR codes for social media accounts on their phones in seconds, capturing the attention of friends and family.

qr code for social media next to cell phone with emojis

3. Scale your marketing campaigns with QR code analytics

Dynamic QR codes allow for something that could never be done before: editable and trackable campaigns. Not only do QR codes and social media generally make marketing costs lower, but the ability to track them makes campaign success and market research measurable. 

With dynamic codes, QR code tracking is possible so you can see exactly how many users are scanning them, then see how many of those took action by following you on social media. QR codes are just another easy way to connect and since they are small and can store information in one’s mobile phone, it's the fastest way to grab people's attention and connect for a long-term relationship.

Also, QR codes for social media are a great way to scale what campaigns are working and what aren’t by seeing the statistics on the Supercode analytics dashboard and changing things up as needed. You may discover the place, the audience, or the way you distributed the code isn’t working when people respond by scanning in another place, or more on certain days. 

QR codes can route users to your social media sites but they can’t keep them there. Analyzing the numbers between the scans and the follows, or if people stop following later on, will tell you if there is something you need to change on your social media profiles so people want to stick and keep the relationship going with your brand. This is another reason why it's beneficial that QR codes for social media are editable for upgrading your campaigns.

4. Upgrade social media campaigns with QR codes for promotions, contests, and giveaways

The constant upgrades, along with products and services and how technology is incorporated into those and the feedback given for those, are often being accompanied by QR code technology. Adding QR codes to your social media campaigns for things like promotions, giveaways, event registries, challenges, scavenger hunts, and contests, are very easy to do and motivate people to join, sign up, attend, and follow through with participation overall since scanning a QR code can be done in seconds and all of the information is available to them immediately. Whenever you advertise a new product with a discount, add a QR code to your social media so people can scan instead of cutting out and carrying around coupons. If you want to increase customer engagement, try making a scavenger hunt or another game where codes that add value get scanned in different places. Register for events or giveaways and generate lists for leads with QR codes routing scanners to easy sign-up forms. There are a million ways you can get creative in your social media marketing strategy with QR codes to get people scanning and involved.

Instagram QR code on the wall sign for laundry services

5. Boost sales with QR codes for social media

E-commerce has been rising noticeably every year. Since most social media is used best through apps, it only makes sense that m-commerce would be leading the way and promoting those sites with QR codes is important. Platforms like Instagram created a full shopping section of the app so shops and department stores have to get on board to be competitive. Now, clothing brands are incorporating QR codes straight into their item tags, taking out the middleman and allowing for customers to buy straight from them, including the shipping. How QR codes paired with social media come together with m-commerce is the ability to buy straight from the websites and items they see instead of searching them later online and not finding the right color, style, or other inconveniences. If QR codes are attached to items and route to social media, the relationship is ongoing and consumers can be engaged with the brand and the product moving forward. The more options a customer has to search, shop, and pay, the more they will do so and that is all obvious through social media.

How to make a QR code for social media

  1. Log in to your Supercode account and click, " + Create a new code"
  2. Choose the QR code for social media option
  3. Add all of your social media accounts to "Create the code"
  4. Modify the design with contrasting, branded colors, an optional logo, and a frame that states a clear call-to-action such as, "Scan to follow us on social media!"
  5. The palette the code will scan to will look like the image above
  6. Download the code and print it where customers will see it and be excited to scan
  7. At any time you can modify the usernames or design, clicking on the code from the Supercode dashboard

Check out our video tutorial here. And for more video tutorials on how to make any of our QR code types, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Final thoughts

Utilizing QR codes for social media takes campaigns to the next level by making it an easy one-step process to follow and connect with you. Since QR codes are fun and take minutes to design, adding them into your social media marketing strategy will not take so much effort but will reap enormous benefits. To be able to compete with others in your industry, building a convenient, modern rapport and overall consumer trust is essential for the consumer-brand relationship.

Supercode QR code generator is easy to use with an organized and editable platform will help you achieve your social media marketing goals in just a few minutes. Sign up now to add QR codes to your campaign to help you gain followers for two-way communication in the long term.


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