How to Make a Custom QR Code Design: a Step-by-Step Guide

Jun 27, 2021
qr code design tool on computer

Custom QR code design makes a difference in creating a captivating reason for your desired audience to scan your codes. Just as you have branded colors and a recognizable logo for a business, branded marketing calls for targeting one's memory to a former customer experience or a future expectation for what can be received. Custom-designed QR codes perform better than traditional black and white codes that have a particular dormancy and no longer create the same allure for the scanner as they did when they were a burgeoning technology. Since QR codes are everywhere now, making them stand out isn't a question. They simply won't be received the same way if they aren't eye-catching and state a clear reason for scanning. Sticking with the business' branding guidelines not only makes the code give a statement, but it becomes part of the brand as a successful marketing tool for customer convenience. The best part is, it's done in a matter of minutes, easy, and fun to create.

Any industry or individual can benefit in some way from using QR codes. Particularly the industries that create QR codes for end-users that will benefit from the accessory adding value to the already desired product or service, especially for QR code advertisements. In any business, printing a creative QR code on business cards will make them memorable and can share contact information immediately or route to landing pages to demonstrate your best work. vCard QR codes with a beautiful design incite curiosity in others and encourage them to scan.

In this article, we'll teach you how to use Supercode's QR code generator design tool at the end, for a custom QR code design that will get your audience scanning in no time! We'll also aim to define the difference between antiquated black and white, and modern, creative QR codes, and why using Supercode's QR code generator design tool will pay off. Be original with your custom QR code design and get them scanned more often to deliver more satisfying results.

gold and blue qr code
Image Source: Supercode QR Code Generator

Custom QR code design is impressive and contributes to branding

Traditional QR codes are like a boring black and white TV set. Yes, we all love old movies, but what we don't love is blurry, staticky, lackluster marketing schemes that fall short of the glamour of the brand or the product. Nobody buys a black and white TV set anymore. They had their moment and now we've moved on. What we do love is beautifully colored, bright, and clear images that pop out at us and attract the eye. Don't underestimate your branding or easy-to-use design tools because the consumer's eye is connected to the experience.

A creative QR code is better than the former basic black and white one because it contributes to the company's awareness and recognition and creates curiosity in the consumer. Although a clear call-to-action is needed for people to actually scan a QR code, they are going to want to see the content on the other side as long as it's quality content and adds to the value of the business itself. 

QR code design is an important investment and easy to do

The time and cost-efficiency from the few minutes spent on design return enormous benefits.

  • You get a much higher number of scans from a personalized QR code design than a dull black and white one. 
  • Since there are no extra fees to add contrasting and branded QR code colors that are included in the QR code generator design tool, it's worth the effort to get creative.
  • You don't need designers or extra team members as they aren't complicated to make and the software isn't costly and difficult.
  • People will be more inspired to follow you on social media, websites, scan for discount codes as an incentive, download an app, buy from m-commerce shops, ask for feedback, and scan your vCard QR code if the QR code colors stand out and have a great presentation because it says something about presenting creative and valuable content on the other side.
  • A QR code advertisement is more engaging than one-dimensional adverts and beautiful QR code colors will attract the audience to scan, for lead generation and continued consumer trust.

How to use Supercode's QR code generator design tool

While you can use a QR code for any occasion and all QR codes are able to have a custom design, we'll make a vCard QR code today as an example. A QR code on business cards is a great way to inspire you to get creative with your branded colors.

Why including a QR code on business cards is necessary

vCard QR codes are popping up on business cards all over and are truly the fastest and most convenient way to input contact information into the scanner's input fields of their mobile phones immediately. Custom design your vCard QR codes with branded colors and logos on marketing materials, sales representative badges, and more, to be eye-catching so they will inspire others to keep in contact with you. A colorful and branded QR code on business cards is an innovative way to make your cards stand out for a memorable experience when meeting with colleagues and consumers. vCard QR codes can also be saved in mobile phones for a more sustainable option and can be scanned directly into the other person's cell phone. Now let's get designing!

Step 1: Create the code 

Enter the Supercode dashboard and click, " + Create a new code." You will see all your former codes in the dashboard and if it's your first one, congratulations! Your dashboard will be empty in that case.

supercode dashboard create new QR code
Image Source: Supercode QR Code Generator

Step 2: Choose the type

Choose the vCard QR code to make a QR code for business cards or anywhere you choose to put your scannable contact information, for error-proof transmission and direct auto-fill in mobile contacts. Click, "Next."

choose a vcard qr code
Image Source: Supercode QR Code Generator

Step 3: Fill in the content

Fill in the contact information. We have filled in fictitious contact information here as an example. Always make sure to double check your numbers and spelling for accuracy. It's best to copy and paste your web address from the browser. These are static codes and cannot be changed later. After choosing or adding a folder for organization, click, "Next."

create a vcard qr code
Image Source: Supercode QR Code Generator

Step 4: Use optional (external) pick tool for branded colors

We're off to the design tool, but first, if you want to add branded colors you can with any pick color extension tool found online, you can pick the branded colors from your website to copy and paste the color number into the Supercode QR code generator design tool. Customize your QR code colors with contrast so they scan well.

Step 5: Modify the colors

We have chosen bright blue for our main QR code color. With a white background, the code is contrasted and easily scanned. Note, if you're going for printing any QR code type on a window or background with a clear space and moving objects and people, leave white space, not a transparent background or it won't scan.

For the edges, we are choosing 3 different corners to accentuate the design. Next to the red arrow on the left, you can see the interesting edge patterns. Under the "basic" edge toggle you can make all of your edges match. Here we've chosen to enhance our edges under the "advanced" toggle, so all three can be different. We have planned for an eye-catching edge design with 6 different, customized colors on the inner and outer parts of the corners. This feature is included in all of Supercode's account packages.

Don't click “Save” yet. There are three toggles, and this is the code toggle. Next, click the frame toggle for modification and follow the next step. If you do click “Save” you can always modify the design later.

modify the qr code design
Image Source: Supercode QR Code Generator

Step 6: Modify the optional frame 

We've added an exciting color pallet here but of course, you can add any personalized colors to your QR code, they don't have to be branded if you're going for a special campaign. The custom text will be a call-to-action so scanners know why they should scan. You can also opt out of the frame by choosing, 'no frame'. That's fine for business cards too, as you can certainly write a call-to-action on the card itself.

modify qr code fram
Image Source: Supercode QR Code Generator

Step 7: Add your logo (also optional)

The third toggle is for logos and when you click the + sign, you can automatically upload your logo in a second. We are not adding a logo because it will be on our business card anyways. Apart from the logo, you can add a smiley face or an encouraging message like “Scan ME”. Now, when you are satisfied with your QR code colors and design, click, "Save."

modify the qr code logo
Image Source: Supercode QR Code Generator

Step 8: Download the QR code

After clicking "Save", you will end up on the dashboard once again. Click the drop-down, "Download" and choose PNG, SVG, or JPEG formats. 

download the qr code
Image Source: Supercode QR Code Generator

Here is our final code with beautiful colors for an upbeat-looking business card design: 

vcard qr code pink and blue
Image Source: Supercode QR Code Generator

Step 9: Test scan

Test the code before printing on business cards and other marketing materials to ensure it scans well and has all of the correct contact information!

Creative QR codes are important for your brand and campaign so they are memorable and entice people to scan. Remember that custom QR code design promotes more scanning, not leaving your codes unscanned and null. Your marketing efforts will go further if a few minutes are taken for QR code design so your marketing goals can be more easily achieved and you'll establish better lead generation and long-term relationships with customers.

Sign up now to make a custom QR code in minutes. To find extra resources, please visit our free library and download our 50 Dos and Don'ts for QR code marketing to get you started today.


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