Download a PDF file right from mobile phones by scanning a QR code

Give others the ease of downloading your PDF files up to 20MB so they can enjoy your content in seconds.

Generate a QR code for PDF with easy-to-use tools in minutes. Create PDF QR codes that are unique and eye-catching to inspire your audience to scan and download.

students in front of a pdf qr code

Provide Educational Resources

Whether it be on campus or in the office, PDFs are a necessary educational resource for your audience. Since QR codes are an easily generated and sustainable option for sharing media in seconds, they can conveniently be used for files that have much more content.

Share Instructional Manuals

Repairs for appliances, automotive, tools, furniture assembly, and more used to come with paper instructions that were usually tossed in the bin. Now you can generate a QR code for PDF in most locations since the size is so versatile, and never lose instructions again.

Cut Down on Printed Materials

When sharing what you would have on brochures or flyers, such as information at trade shows that gets heavy and costly, or even menus for spa services with images and pricing, generate a QR code for PDF to enable you to share the information without the paperwork and ink. You can also upload most current versions of the PDF when needed, without having to reprint the physical QR code.

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