Receive feedback effectively from clientele

Create interactive feedback QR codes to collect feedback as quickly as possible.

Receive feedback about your business for increased customer retention and improved customer service. Use a feedback QR code to collect valuable reviews.

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Optimise Customer Satisfaction

Create a feedback QR code for any industry, product, or service to open up a two-way communication channel with your customers and get reviews. Do you have a restaurant with food and drink you would like to get feedback on? How about a hotel regarding the accommodations? Make a feedback QR code in minutes that could be used again and again to improve the guest experience. Since these are dynamic QR codes, you can modify the feedback questions if you want to in the future or leave them the same way for as long as the feedback is working for you.

Improve Products, Services, Events, and More

Did you recently have an event that you would like to get feedback about? How can you improve your seating, parking situation, food, and hours? Get as much feedback as you want by asking a few questions with star ratings and giving the client the option of leaving additional comments that go to your QR code analytics in real-time. Listen to your customers and respond with action. Customize the QR code feedback form the way you want with personalized questions or with Supercode's prewritten options for diverse industries.

Track QR Code Analytics

See ratings, comments, locations and times immediately after feedback is sent. Clients have the option of leaving their contact information for further communication to generate a two-way communication channel with them. With QR code tracking, see exactly how customers feel about your business and improve your service and products at the first sign of a red flag.

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