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Generate a QR code for a vCard. Just scan one static QR code to give all of the contact information you want to another person.

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Enjoy Faster Communication

Sending a QR code that has your contact information is a foolproof way of relaying the information you want contacts to have, straight into the input fields of the contacts section of your phone, if you choose to do so.

Spice-up Business Cards

Create a vCard QR code for physical business cards to make them stand out and convenient. QRs fit into any business card design. Or, are you on your way to a meeting and you want to make an impression without carrying all the extras? Just create a QR code "business card" to keep in your mobile phone with your company logo and colors for brand recognition, and send it to the others at the meeting so they can keep any contact and social media details of yours right away.

Edit Details With Ease

Add whatever details are necessary to share and if you make a mistake, you can delete the code and make another one in minutes, since static codes cannot be altered later. Never worry about a misspelled email address or incorrect phone number. Sending vCard details will also automatically fill in any contact input fields in your mobile phone.

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