Why QR Code Business Cards Are a Must in 2021

Apr 17, 2021
a hand holding a business card with a qr code

QR code business cards are the digital way to connect with others that you meet at events and meetings when there isn't time to program everyone's information into your cell phone. They are also a great way for more creative positions to share their work. An artist can add a gallery site, a manager can add a QR directly to their LinkedIn, architects can add videos or pictures of in-progress and finished buildings. QR codes on business cards aren't limited to vCards. There are many amazing uses that one can include when adding a QR. Just make sure to add a clear CTA so they know what they are scanning. They are a great way to refer others to your services by passing along the card as well. 

If you're looking for a way to make your business card stand out from others, use a QR code. A beautifully designed code with practical use for ease and convenience will make your card stand out amongst the others in the pile or that others have received that day. Supercode's QR code generator can assist you in making a beautifully designed code in a few minutes that matches your company's branded colors and logo, being a classy addition to the current design of your business card.

black and white business card image with qr code
Image source: Creative Market

1. It makes it easier to connect

vCard QR codes autofill the contact information into the user's cell phone right away so there isn't any room for mistakes. You can also share LinkedIn profiles and other social media sites just to remove a step of finding another person online especially if they have a common name. Even if you forget to bring a business card you can have the person scan your QR code straight from your cell phone for easy passing. Connecting digitally means no lost business cards or forgotten names to look up online later.

2. It increases your social media traffic

Handing someone a memorable business card with a social media QR code on it will drive traffic to the social media accounts that are important to you. Do you tweet or post on Instagram often to promote products and services? People are more willing to connect when they have a QR code sent straight to your social media instead of having to search you online.

3. It's an effective lead generation process for email or SMS codes

It's now easier to export your contacts to a CSV file to generate leads. Passing around QR codes with foolproof information will make it that much easier to export contacts and effectively stay connected with others. Also, receiving emails and SMS messages through QR codes about predefined messages regarding products, services, or hours, will help you generate leads more quickly. 

4. It's small and compact

QRs have so many sizes, colors, styles, and designs available to them that they can be printed almost anywhere. Using a small and compact code on your business card will convey information that wouldn't be able to fit on the card by itself. QR codes route the person scanning a lot of digital information that can be stored in mobile phones and that can't be done with a single business card.

compact qr code business card
Image source: Zazzle

5. It's mistake-proof

Whatever information you decide to share in your QR code business card won't be mistaken or misspelled by the person trying to connect with you. Contact information, presentations, videos, LinkedIn profiles, and more, will never be mistaken as long as you test the code before printing on 1000 cards.

6. It boosts your inbound marketing game

Customers and colleagues are more likely to reach out to someone whose work they have already seen samples of. Connect a QR code with videos, images, and testimonies from happy customers will encourage customers to trust you before an unknown brand.

7. It enables you to add any format of content

Add videos, URLs, social media profiles, recent presentations, LinkedIn profiles, work samples, and more. This is your chance to go beyond just a vCard and really stand out. Or, put a vCard QR code on the front of your business card and on the back use a bigger QR code to show off your work. Add a clear CTA on each code so the user knows what to expect when scanning. 

qr code business cards beige and white
Image source: Brandly

8. It sparks curiosity 

By having a QR code business card, people will be inspired to scan it. High numbers of scans happen because of curiosity about the link. However, don't leave them mystery codes without an explanation. Is it for contact information, showing work samples, or social media? Having a clear message that states why they are scanning, will invoke a reason to do so. 

9. It's easy to design yourself in seconds 

Business cards as well as QR codes are simple and enjoyable to make so there's no need for design agencies to hire to create business cards for you. You can create a QR code with Supercode's easy-to-use QR code generator software and download the code. Uploading to a business card maker will only take seconds. We suggest getting a sample card before ordering thousands to make sure your designs come out crisp and clear enough to scan.

10. It is unique and makes you stand out 

Everyone's business cards are just cards until they add value. Be different and show off your work with codes that truly represent you and your brand because that information doesn't fit on a tiny business card. Now you have a chance to demonstrate your creativity through videos and experiences that can't fit on a card itself.

barber shop qr code business card
Image source: Zazzle

11. It's dynamic and sustainable

You don't have to reprint cards every time you want to change your dynamic QR code information. While vCard QR codes are static and can't be changed, dynamic QR codes like URL codes can be modified so you don't have to reprint them when updating information. Always make sure you're using dynamic QR codes if you want to edit information in the future. This is the sustainable way to convey necessary information that people can save in their mobile phones without having to print countless flyers and brochures.

12. It is cost-saving

You can even just keep your vCard QR code in your mobile phone so when exchanging contact information the other person can scan the QR code with their cell phone. Everything has already been done for you. This QR code business card is completely digital and needs no physical card.

Revamp your business cards to a new, digital level. Supercode's QR code generator with it's simple design platform can make an eye-catching QR code in minutes for your business card and help you stand out amongst the rest.


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