Supercode WhatsApp QR Code: Everything You Need to Know

Jul 5, 2022
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The benefits of using Supercode WhatsApp Web QR code generator

  • It makes conversational commerce inviting and personal
  • It's convenient for sales, appointment booking, RSVPs, customer service, and anything you need to connect for
  • There are no extra charges for an international audience to connect with you
  • A WhatsApp QR code is customizable for brand recognition
  • There is no confusion over a correct phone number
  • Anyone with a mobile phone can use WhatsApp for free
  • A WhatsApp QR code is safe, fun, and easy to make
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What is a WhatsApp QR code?

A WhatsApp QR code enables customers to connect to businesses immediately with a prewritten phone number and customized text. Once you scan a WhatsApp QR code, the messaging app automatically opens with the business' phone number. This is great for international customers that don't want long distance SMS charges and works as long as they are connected to the internet. If they aren't, the message will stay there in the drafts and send when connected. 

WhatsApp QR code uses

Here are some amazing examples of WhatsApp QR code uses for any industry, and the ideas don't stop there! WhatsApp QR code uses are as flexible as the creator!

  • Retailers can use a WhatsApp QR code for conversational commerce to boost sales and add value to personalized shopping experiences
  • Personal trainers can add a WhatsApp QR code to their business cards and flyers for a more memorable experience
  • Real estate agents can customize them with the Supercode WhatsApp Web QR code generator with personal branding to stand out on public advertisements and on property signs and billboards
  • Home repair companies can put a WhatsApp QR code on magnets and business cards for easy contact
  • For event RSVPs, print a WhatsApp QR code on digital or physical invitations as the main source of contact for event coordinators
  • On shop windows to encourage clients to book appointments with you for hair, nail, and spa services
  • Catering companies and florists can put a WhatsApp QR code on vehicles that are frequently parked at venues for advertising and effortless connections
  • Food delivery services can put a WhatsApp QR code on their packaging in order to get people scanning and ordering without picking up the phone or using food apps that take large commissions
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Conversational commerce and the ease of WhatsApp QR codes

Interacting with businesses through common messaging apps to be able to shop is the latest trend in e-commerce. Instead of giving out customer service phone numbers which don't really assist with sales, or waiting for an email response while inventory is selling out, e-stores are utilizing messaging services such as WeChat, WhatsApp, Talk, and Facebook Messenger, to respond to questions as if they were a sales representative on a showroom floor in person.

Using Supercode vs. WhatsApp Web QR code generator

Using Supercode's WhatsApp Web QR code generator vs. the common WhatsApp QR code generator for free means that you get extras that are useful for business that the free default doesn't offer.

  1. Supercode allows customizable QR codes for brand recognition.
  2. Tracking QR codes with Supercode means you can scale campaigns knowing how many people have scanned your codes in our dashboard. 
  3. Prewritten text to go along with your CTA to encourage clients to reach out to you effortlessly.

How to make a WhatsApp QR code

1. Enter your Supercode QR Code Generator account and click + Create new code. Choose the WhatsApp QR code option. Click Next.

new whatsapp web qr code generator dashboard

2. Enter the content with the phone number beginning with the + symbol and country code. Enter any prewritten text in the text box such as, "I'm interested in your product," or anything that is useful for your TA to connect with you about. This content will show up as a sent text message when the code is scanned and the WhatsApp app pops up in your phone. Click Next.

whatsapp web qr code generator content dashboard

3. Modify the design (code) - Use branded colors to make your QR code stand out and be recognizable. Use contrasting colors so the code scans. Choose the basic feature to make all of the edges similar or choose the advanced feature to make different individual corners. Click the frame toggle. You don't need to click Save until you're finished making the code.

whatsapp web qr code generator modify design pink purple

4. Modify the design (frame) - This is where you will add the pink frame featured in the image. Use any branded colors you want and you can either add a call-to-action or a WhatsApp logo to make your statement clear. People don't want to scan codes that don't have a reason. Click the logo tab.

whatsapp web qr code generator pink purple design

5. Modify the design (logo) - Upload a logo where the + sign is. You can add your brand logo as long as the call-to-action clearly states what the code is for. Or, add the WhatsApp logo so people know what to expect when scanning. When you're finished with your design click Save.

whatsapp web qr code generator pink purple

6. Download your WhatsApp QR code from the main dashboard.

whatsapp web qr code generator download dashboard with many qr codes

7. Here is the final code. Do a test scan before printing and after it's printed on materials.

pink purple whats app qr code

Please check out our video tutorial on how to generate a WhatsApp QR code and for more free tutorials about how to make any QR code, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Final thoughts on WhatsApp QR codes

WhatsApp QR code uses extend to any industry because people are always reaching out. They make it simple to build connections by inviting customers to connect with you instantly.

Try Supercode WhatsApp Web QR code generator and don't miss out on all the connections you'll be able to make with your target audience. 


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