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Create stunning social media QR codes to link to your social profiles and boost your engagement rates.

Increase the number of followers by making it quick and easy for your customers to connect with you on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social platforms. Customise your QR codes and include them in your social media campaigns.

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Connect and Engage with a Wider Audience

Increasing the number of followers on social media enables businesses to achieve their marketing and sales goals more effectively. By encouraging existing and potential customers to follow social profiles, businesses can build stronger presence, increase brand awareness, increase sales and significantly improve customer service.

Open Up Communication Channels

Having your customers follow your social media accounts, and following theirs in return also opens up a two-way communication channel between you. Listening to customers is the key. Being reliable, relatable, and responsive to customer wants and needs through various social media outlets only increases your ability to serve them and boost your positive client relationship.

Enjoy Mistake-Proof Communication

Oftentimes when a company makes a new social media account, there are already accounts with a similar company name, or even competitors with close names. It would be easy for a customer to look for you on Twitter or Instagram and find something else. Now scan a QR code that goes straight to your social media accounts, and there is no chance of them following the wrong ones.

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