QR Codes for Gyms and Fitness

A woman scanning a QR code on a life fitness treadmill

Use QR codes for gyms for convenience as well as for advertising. Give them the option to check-in, pay for products, and search class schedules with their mobile phones. Use QR codes on fitness equipment for instructions on how to use machines. Create interesting marketing campaigns with VR experiences to inspire people to come and join.

Benefits of Using QR Codes for Gyms and Fitness

1. It is noticeable

Incorporating QR codes for gyms into any marketing campaign on street adverts will intrigue people to scan especially if there is an incentive involved. Inside of the gym or fitness center, put up eye-catching QR codes to advertise video clips of classes that will inspire people to attend. Design QR codes with bright, branded, contrasting colors and your logo will inspire people to scan.

2. It's changeable

Dynamic QR codes can be edited at any time so there is no need to reprint and repost a physical code. Change scheduling information for classes and add events and information at any time.

3. It boosts followers

Displaying a social media QR code for people to scan will boost your followers. Have quality content on Instagram and Facebook and post encouraging messages on Twitter so people will feel motivated to sign up or to go to the gym.

4. Every scanned QR code is tracked

Track QR codes on Supercode's analytics dashboard. Measure how successful your digital campaigns were by measuring the number of QR codes scanned in time frames of your choice, such as all time, by day, by week, or by months.

5. They're easily organized

Supercode's dashboard offers customizable folders for conveniently organizing your QR code campaigns. Easily find QR codes for fitness that you have made for updating and add new ones as often as necessary to your folders.

two guys standing next to a banner with a qr code app for contactless entry to jd gyms
Image source: JD Gyms Facebook

Applications of QR Codes for Gyms and Fitness

1. Use QR codes to persuade members to use your app

Have members scan a QR code at check-in with their personal information linked to it instead of using physical cards. Let them pay monthly memberships automatically or manually from their app as well as extra classes and personal training sessions and packages. Add features that are tailored for their training experiences and personalities.

2. Advertise on billboards and other public displays

Incorporate QR codes into your marketing campaign on billboards and in other public places so when people scan they can get inspired by VR experiences. Give incentives for scanning, such as discounts for signing up for a new membership.

3. Ask for feedback

Have members scan QR codes on the way out to rate their experience regarding the equipment, facilities, cleanliness, classes, and customer service. Create customizable questions in Supercode's QR code for feedback form, and receive star ratings with optional comments and contact information for follow-ups.

4. Put QR codes on fitness equipment

Use QR codes on fitness equipment to explain how to use machines and give exercise tips. If equipment suppliers don't offer QR codes, you can make a URL QR code and route it to the proper instructions for that machine if its available online.

5. Make QR codes for fitness class schedules

Print a dynamic QR code on the physical schedule at the gym, then clients can take it home on their mobile phones. Since the QR code is dynamic, it can be updated at any time on the back end without reprinting and reposting another physical code.

girl with yoga mat in front of qr code poster

How to Create a QR Code for Gyms and Fitness

Creating QR codes for gyms is easy and takes seconds on Supercode. Here is a quick guide on how to create QR codes for gyms to achieve your goals. 

1. Choose the right type of QR code. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • URL QR Codes - perfect for sharing landing sites with AR/VR experiences, sign-up pages, account management systems, and apps.
  • Social Media QR Codes - excellent for gaining followers on social media to inspire them to workout with valuable content.
  • Feedback QR Codes - great for receiving feedback about customer service, equipment, cleanliness, and classes.
  • Email QR Codes - fantastic for getting in touch with customer service or lost and found.
  • vCard QRs - the easiest way for sales representatives and personal trainers to connect personally with members or potential members for questions, account enrollment, and scheduling.
  • Bulk QR Codes - offer discounts and incentives for potential members with a one-off code to encourage them to try your service.
  • Image QR Codes - amazing for personal trainers to show images of routines and provide a call-to-action button for a consultation.
  • WhatsApp QR Codes - fantastic for salespeople and trainers to give a direct line to them and keep their clients happy.
Supercode different types of QR codes

2. Create a code 

Creating a code on Supercode is easy and takes seconds. Choose the type, the link or the content to include and click on save when you are ready.

create a QR code on Supercode QR code generator platform

3. Modify the design

Choose the branded colours, a classy frame, and add your logo with a message for your customers. It takes a minute and makes your code absolutely unique.

Modify design of a QR code on Supercode QR code generator platform

4. Add your QR code to a folder to organize your workspace

Add customizable categories for new folders in the Supercode dashboard. Or, add your new QR code to a preexisting folder, both of which you can share with your marketing and management teams.

save QR codes to different folders on Supercode platform

5. Test the code

Scan the code by directing your phone camera on it and check if all the content displayed is correct. To make changes, simply go back to the dashboard and edit the code.

bright colourful QR codes generated on Supercode platform

6. Print the code

Place the QR codes on fitness equipment, flyers and brochures, mailers, business cards, schedules, posters, postcards, and public adverts like billboards and displays. Be mindful of the size and location, and ensure that the colours stand out. The goal is to ensure that the QR code is visible and easily spotted for people who wish to scan it.

Supercode QR code printed on a business card

7. Track analytics

Visit the analytics dashboard to get more information about how your QR codes are performing.

Supercode analytics dashboard with QR code scans performance

Learn how to create bulk QR codes with Supercode's QR code generator.

Best Practices for Using QR Codes for Gyms and Fitness

1. Use QR codes on fitness equipment

Techogym uses stickers with QR codes on fitness equipment to help customers understand how the machines are used and send clients to their app called Mywellness for tutorials, tracking performance, and signing-up for classes online. The stickers are on fitness and workout gym equipment available in thousands of gyms around the world.

QR code technogym equipment and mywellness app screenshot
Image sources: Technogym and Mywellness

2. Give free promotions

Gold's Gym in Costa Rica gave a one-week free promotion when people scanned their QR code. This is a great way to get people to try your gym and to inspire them before they commit.

QR code gold's gym costa rica check-in
Image source: Many Chat Blog

3. Link QR codes to contact information

Brook Gym uses a contact QR code to send people straight to the company's WhatsApp number for speaking with someone about personal training, scheduling, and information regarding gym and wellness experiences.

QR code personal training wellness gym facebook banner
Image source: Brook Wellness Facebook

4. QR codes on postcards

To advertise personal training and classes at Gold's Gym, the marketing team placed QR codes on these beautifully designed postcards for more information.

QR code on gold's gym postcard
Image source: Gabe Silverstein

5. Check-in through a mobile app

Perfect Gym Seattle has created a QR code for easy check-in for the mobile app they designed for GO24 Gym in Hong Kong. They aimed to build their "branding and public reputation" by investing in a mobile app to maximize users' experiences.

hand holding mobile phone with QR code gym check-in app
Image source: Perfect Gym


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