How to Boost App Downloads with QR Codes

Apr 28, 2021
Download an app with QR code

QR codes are a powerful tool to increase the number of your app downloads and should be part of your app marketing strategy because it's convenient and sparks curiosity in the consumer. Customers can scan QRs quickly instead of searching for the app in the app store, as it removes the step of discovery and makes the onboarding process go more smoothly. QRs are also a great way to promote the app on what would have been a one-dimensional advertisement. An advertisement with a QR code doesn't just say a company has an app, it takes them one step further to downloading it easily. 

Here are 7 ideas to advertise with QR codes to increase the number of app downloads for your business 

1. Advertise with the app store QR code

Print the app store QR code in places that will encourage people to scan. Print in magazines, on billboards, on bus stops, trade show banners, in lobbies of offices, on websites, social media, and anywhere people will be waiting that caters to the audience you want are great places to start. 

In 2019, Chick-fil-A increased their app downloads by 14%, just by offering an app store QR code. 

app store QR code chick-fil-a facebook advertisement
Image source: An app store QR code Facebook ad of a Chick-fil-A location in Texas, USA.

2. Place on products

Print the QR code directly on your products so people can scan the app for something value-added. The popular fitness company Techogym added their app store QR code to training equipment so people can track their fitness metrics and goals with their Mywellness app.

technogym app store qr code on equipment
Image source: Supercode QR Code Generator

3. Print them on materials

Printing app store QR codes on flyers or business cards provides customers with a clear call to action to download the app, and makes it possible within one click. Brochures are also a great place to print app store QR codes because the customer can receive more information and interact with the app whereas they cannot interact with a brochure. 

4. Add to business communications

Print your QR codes on letters, emails, and web banners so people know that an app is an option and they can scan a QR code, it makes searching for it in the app store obsolete. 

5. Add to shop locations

Put an app store QR code in your shop windows for easy m-commerce shopping, to make appointments, check inventory and sizes, order deliveries, and anything else you use your app for. This is helpful when customers don't have time to stand in line and want to order products for later pickup or delivery when the shop is closed so they can have 24/7 access.

QR codes for apps in shop windows pink display
Image source: Sueprcode QR Code Generator

6. Put app store QR codes on merchandise

There are numerous ways companies can promote their apps with QRs on merchandise. At festivals and trade shows when companies give out free merchandise, people are sure to scan a code on free stuff. 

A great example would be putting a QR code on a free mug or promotional product after someone opens a new account at a bank. Putting an app store QR code on a mug won't only encourage the customer, but those around them in their office or home who see it and are curious. Forbes reports that in America 76% of people bank via mobile app. Banking clients will also appreciate the security and ease of using the QR code to find the app and remove the discovery process. 

7. Add app store QR codes to websites

Many companies nowadays add QR codes for apps on their websites to promote the use of their products and services by mobile apps. This pop-up below comes up on the Canva site after creating your first design on the desktop website. This will inspire people to use Canva not only on the computer but on their mobile phones which is even more convenient for automatic uploads to sites like Instagram that are normally used through mobile apps and not the computer.

qr code for canva app pop-up
Image source: Canva

Kodak offers an app store QR code that their affiliates can put on their websites to share their app that allows customers to take pictures straight from their social media sites and upload them to the app for printing at Kodak kiosks without having to stand in line.

Image source: The Camera Centre

How to create a QR code for apps 

  1. Log in to your Supercode account.
  2. Click, "+ Create a new code".
  3. Select dynamic URL code.
Create a new QR code
  1. Insert the link and allocate the QR code to the appropriate folder.
  2. Modify the design in three steps: choose the colors for the code, select the frame and add a logo.
Modify design on Supercode
Image source: Supercode QR Code Generator
  1. Once you are happy with the design, click “Next” to save the code on your dashboard. 
  2. Test the QR code to ensure it works as intended. If not, feel free to edit the code by clicking on “modify design” or “modify content”.
Edit QR codes on Supercode dashboard
Image source: Supercode QR Code Generator
  1. Download and print the QR code. 

Tips on designing a QR code for app promotional campaigns

When creating a code to promote your app, follow these tips for designing an engaging QR code that will effectively boost the number of downloads: 

  1. Make it eye-catching. Include your brand identity elements so it’s easily recognizable by users. 
  2. Include a clear message and a CTA. Something like “Scan to download the app” would work great. 
  3. Consider adding a logo so that people see straight away which app they are about to download.
  4. If you are creating several QR codes for different devices, it is also recommended to include logos for the Apple Store and the Google Play store on the code, or a message identifying which store the code will take the user. 
App QR code for Apple Store and Google Play
Image source: Supercode QR Code Generator

How to track app QR codes 

It's important to track QR codes for apps because you want to see what works and what doesn't in your campaign. It is sure to bring more downloads if you place Apple and Google Play QR codes on advertisements and tracking the QR code in the Supercode analytics dashboard will show you in real-time exactly how many scans you are receiving. Furthermore, if you know which codes work best in regards to design and placement, you will know how to create similar types for future campaigns based on the scan analytics.

QR Code Analytics Dashboard on Supercode

Apps are a fantastic way to get the best online experience through mobile phones and having a QR code for an app significantly increases the awareness about the app, as well as the number of downloads and overall users. 

Supercode's QR code generator will help you design beautiful QR codes for apps in minutes to attract customers and make it more convenient for them to download.


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