What is a Bulk QR Code Generator and How Does it Work?

Feb 25, 2021
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The popularity of QR codes continues to grow at a rapid pace, globally. While initially used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing, QR codes now are used in almost every industry. Since 2020 the use of various types of QR codes has significantly increased even further and the levels of acceptance, as well as the adoption rates of QR code technology has never been higher. In fact, by 2022, Juniper Research states that 5.3 billion QR code coupons and will have been redeemed and 1 billion smartphones will be accessing QR codes regularly. Creating bulk QR codes will undoubtedly strengthen the ability to make these one-off codes.

While consumers are getting used to seeing QR codes on all possible materials, from clothing and food packaging to vehicles and merchandise at events; businesses start seeing enormous benefits in using QR codes to promote transparency, improve products and increase sales. 

Creation of a custom-designed QR code is easy and takes just a few minutes, but what if you want to create QR codes in bulk? You would want to create them with a batch QR code generator. So, how do you create QR codes in bulk?

If you have already tried creating an extensive amount of QR codes separately and you are looking for an uncomplicated approach, let us define what bulk QR code generation is, show the benefits of creating QRs in bulk, and provide simple steps for you to get started with bulk QR code creation for your company.  

In this article we will tell you what a bulk QR code generator can do, how to generate QR codes in bulk, and offer a video tutorial on how to make batch URL QR codes below!

What is bulk QR code generation?

Bulk QR code generation is the ability to create lots of unique, custom-designed QR codes in just a few clicks with a multiple QR code generator. Whether you need to create a dozen unique QR codes for your event or hundreds of unique codes for tracking your products, making QR codes in bulk in one single upload of a document is a lot more efficient than generating each of the codes manually.

The best part is that the quality of your QR codes is not compromised either! Each of your QR codes can still have a customised design and a unique label. You will be able to download QR codes in a batch too. All QR codes will be automatically registered in the Supercode’s analytics dashboard and the performance of each of them will be tracked so you can always improve your campaign if you wish to do so.

A bulk QR code generator opens up fantastic opportunities to take your campaigns to a whole new level and enables marketing teams to create scalable campaigns with no limitations.

Who would use a bulk QR code generator?

This new feature on Supercode works wonders for businesses and products that particularly require each of the QR codes to be unique.

One of the most common uses of creating QR codes in bulk is when a business needs to create a large number of QR codes for asset tracking. Whether it is for logistical purposes, for improving traceability overall, or for preventing the appearance of counterfeits on the market, bulk QR codes are an easy solution to enable businesses to scale fast in a secure and cost-effective way. For example, this could work well for manufacturers who produce cars and car parts or for the luxury segment who produce exclusive products.

Another proven way is to use unique QR codes in bulk for personal identification. That could be used for registering for classes at the university, for checking in and tracking attendance at work, for traceability systems implemented in many countries as a measure to prevent the spread of viruses, or simply for printing unique QR codes on event tickets.

Last but not least, bulk QR codes are efficient when a business is aiming to generate a large number of one-off codes (such as vouchers) which expire after the first scan. That can be effectively implemented by marketing teams across different industries, including retail, hospitality, food production and many others.

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Why would businesses want to generate QR codes in bulk?

There are many benefits for businesses and agencies to create QR codes in bulk.

Time-efficiency: One of the most obvious benefits is that Supercode’s multi QR code generator saves marketing teams a significant amount of time and requires no manual labour. This exciting feature enables companies to create and implement scalable marketing campaigns quickly and with minimum effort.

Cost-effectiveness: Generating QR codes in bulk also substantially reduces production costs. By making QRs in bulk, the business ensures that the cost per every new generated QR code is practically insignificant. The feature is included in Supercode’s plans.

Easy-to-use: Supercode’s platform is very easy to use and the bulk QR code generator requires no technical training or any specific skills. All it takes is to create an excel file and upload it to Supercode with one click. Anyone could effortlessly learn how to create unique QR codes in bulk in minutes.

Versatility: Supercode’s Bulk QR functionality supports both static, dynamic, and single-use codes.

Quality of QR codes: Supercode only generates the highest quality of QR codes. With bulk QR code creation, each of the codes is unique and can have a custom design. All QR codes can be downloaded in bulk and have the highest resolution which is important for printing. All QRs are registered in the analytics dashboard and the performance of each scanned code is available straight away. All of the Supercode’s QR codes are secure, safe to use, never include any third-party advertising and always offer unlimited scans.

How to generate QR codes in bulk on Supercode

1. Generate an excel table with the following columns:


- Name

- Frame text

2. Upload CSV file to Supercode platform to generate static or dynamic codes.

3. Design your QR codes to make them stand out.

4. Choose the name of the target folder to keep your codes organised.

5. Click ‘create’ to start the generation process automatically. Your codes will be ready in just a few seconds.

upload CSV file on Supercode's QR code bulk generator

Supercode's bulk QR code generator empowers businesses and their marketing teams to rapidly roll out large, scalable and powerful QR code campaigns. With multi QR code functionality, hundreds of QR codes can be quickly created with ease through file upload or API and ensure unlimited number of scans for each of the codes.

Video tutorial: How to create bulk QR codes:

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