Event QR codes are the perfect addition to any event for many specific purposes. Invitations with QR codes allow for an unlimited amount of people to share and receive information quickly by mobile phone. QR codes for registration and signups posted in public places like university campuses and in the community, draw in guests by curiosity and convenience. Make your event planning easy to scale with QR codes with RSVP messages. This is ideal for advertising, inviting, giving feedback after the event, marketing, and sharing memorable content between guests.

Benefits of Event QR Codes

1. It expands your audience

Printing a QR code on the back of your catering or florist van helps expand your audience to the guests at venues. Especially sharing QR codes for social media accounts that can show off your work to a wider audience and be shared between users for better customer engagement.

2. It's editable

As event information is constantly changing, dynamic QR codes are extremely useful because you can change any information without reprinting a physical code. Now scanners will see all of the updated information with each new scan.

3. It's decorative

With Supercode's QR code generator software, make a stunning QR code in just minutes that reflects the colors of your wedding, special occasion, or brand, to add to your invitations, business cards, company vehicles, and more. No need to have a plain black and white code anymore.

4. It's trackable

QR code tracking can be done in Supercode's analytics dashboard. See cities feedback has come from, operating systems that have scanned, and track the performance by dates such as days, weeks, months, and all time.

5. It has various uses

Event QR codes can be used by anyone from event managers, to scanning in event tickets, collecting feedback for events, m-commerce shops, advertising, wedding QR codes, invitations with QR codes, and gaining followers on social media. Invent your own uses for event QR codes and make creative connections with guests and others in your industry.

girl holding event qr code on tickets outside venue

Applications of Event QR Codes

1. Place QR codes on catering and florist vans

What better way to advertise than to have guests at weddings and special occasions and others passing by to see the beautiful flower arrangements you offer, or to try delicious food and keep you in mind for later. Placing a QR code on the side of catering and florist vans is a great way for people to scan when it is stationary and people can see their best work and save the company information on their mobile phones.

2. Add QR code business cards to your campaign

For event organizers, hair stylists, makeup artists, florists, caterers, and venue representatives, make QR code business cards for customers to contact you directly with a vCard QR code that immediately inputs their information into their phones. Also, use a call-to-action to scan image QR codes to celebrate your best work. Link URL QR codes to videos, images, VR experiences, and testimonies so people can get the full experience that they cannot get by business cards alone.

3. Incorporate QR codes into giveaways

Even better than receiving free hats, stickers, and coffee mugs at a trade show or corporate event, is receiving merchandise with a QR code leading to landing pages and social media sites to keep in two-way contact between brands and customers or other people in your industry.

4. Use QR codes at fashion shows

In order to purchase clothes and accessories straight from the runway, place QR codes in fashion show programs for sizing and pricing information straight from your m-commerce store.

5. Use wedding QR codes

Place wedding QR codes on tables for guests to route them to a public photo album where they can post pictures of the wedding online so the bride and groom can have all of the pictures later on. Also, use invitations with QR to route guests to a map of the destinations like the church and the reception. Or even a QR code to m-commerce shops where you are registered for gift purchases.

6. Use QR codes for event tickets

Place QR codes on event tickets for concerts, plays, sports, trade shows, and other community events, so people can register and check-in easily and also as a transparency benefit so staff and customers know they have an authentic ticket vs. a counterfeit.

7. Use event QR codes for check-in and registration

Post event QR codes for automatic check-in at large events to skip the long lines and paperwork.

event qr code for registration near elevator door

How to Create a QR Code for Events

Creating QR codes on Supercode is easy and takes seconds. Here is a quick guide on how to create QR codes for event management to achieve your goals.

  1. Choose the right type of QR code. Here are some of our suggestions:
  • URL QR Codes - perfect for sharing websites about events, where customers can schedule and purchase products and services.
  • Social Media QR Codes - ideal for brands that are trying to extend their client base, promote brand recognition, and share product, service, and event information through social media platforms.
  • Email QR Codes - a great tool for people to get in touch with event organisers and brands presenting their products at events with requests, questions, and additional information.
  • Feedback QR Codes - great for emailing clients later with a QR code to get their feedback about the event as well as services and products provided by brands later.
  • Plain Text QR Codes - static QR codes for information that doesn't change. Great for invitations and sharing dates and times of the events.
  • vCard QR Codes - great for sales representatives and caterers to be contacted directly. Place on business cards as a best practice.
  • Image QR Codes -perfect for sharing engagement photos for wedding QR codes and an RSVP call-to-action button.
  • PDF QR Codes - give guests more information to store in their mobile phones without having to send emails.
  • WhatsApp QR Codes - a useful tool for customer service lines and for event planners on cards.
Supercode different types of QR codes

2. Create a code

Creating a code on Supercode is easy and takes seconds. Choose the type, the link or the content to include and click on save when you are ready.

create a QR code on Supercode QR code generator platform

3. Modify the design

Design the QR code to make it stand out so people want to scan.

modify design of a QR code on Supercode QR code generator platform

4. Add your QR code to a folder to organize your workspace

Add customizable categories for new folders in the Supercode dashboard. Or, add your new QR code to a preexisting folder, both of which you can share with your marketing and management teams.

save QR codes to different folders on Supercode platform

5. Test the code

Scan the code by directing your phone camera on it and check if all the content displayed is correct. To make changes, simply go back to the dashboard and edit the code.

bright colourful QR codes generated on Supercode platform

6. Print the code

Print the code on posters in visible places with a lot of foot traffic, business cards, vehicles, and displays in-shop.

Supercode QR code printed on a business card

7. Track analytics

For marketing purposes, track every code scanned in the Supercode dashboard for analytics, to see measurable results.

Supercode analytics dashboard with QR code scans performance

Learn how to create QR codes in bulk with Supercode's QR code generator.

Best Practices of Using Event QR Codes

1. Use QR codes on Facebook adverts for easy ordering by mobile phone

Vegielicious in Australia posts irresistible advertisements on Facebook for catering corporate and private events. Scan the QR code for seeing menu options, scheduling, and ordering for customer convenience.

orange baseball game ticket with a QR code on it

2. Order flower arrangements

Yass High Quality Flowers in California has a QR code for every arrangement to educate the customer about the flowers and to be able to order easily. This beautiful advertisement on Twitter is just one example of how you can use QR codes for marketing and customer convenience in event management.

Flower arrangement Twitter advert with a QR code

3. Share all of the event information for attendees

Disney hosted a party at Epcot for Meeting Professionals International’s World Education Congress, where they gave attendees badges with a QR code that sent them to a website with that evening's menu with a welcome message from executive chef Robert Gilbert, a map of the venue, and an explanation of park attractions. At every bar station they also had a QR code with recipes of the evening's special cocktails.

disney epcot invitation with QR code
Image source: BizBash

4. Use a wedding QR code for an album

EventsAlbum uses QR codes to allow wedding guests to upload high-resolution photos to an album without guests having to create an account. Also, the photos can be live streamed at the wedding if the couple opts for it.

qr code that scans to a wedding album
Image source: Events Album

5. Use QR codes at trade shows

At the Fit Bloggin' Conference in Baltimore, Eggland's Best created this fantastic trade show booth by clearly displaying several QR codes for a selection of reasons: nutritional information, a link to their Facebook, promotion of the organic and cage-free eggs, and an option to sign-up for their newsletter. The trade show targeted bloggers who write about health and fitness so they created QR codes for that specific audience, although they are great for any audience. With a striking and clear presentation, incorporate QR codes for a call-to-action to virtually enhance any trade show booth. 

QR codes at eggland's best trade show booth
Image source: Brand & Market


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