Using a QR code display will add a three-dimensional touch to any marketing campaign. Whereas print only marketing can only give a one-dimensional experience, jazzing up a display with a tastefully designed QR code sending people to an augmented reality (AR) experience, will capture consumer attention more acutely. Tracking efforts will be more effective when incorporating QR codes as well, whereas previously there was little ability to track printed marketing campaigns alone. Now it's possible to drive more traffic to websites, social media, informative materials, m-commerce sites, and any landing sites that inform to build consumer trust.

Benefits of Using a QR Code Display

1. It’s easy to edit

In shopping malls where sales change from day to day, information on displays can be edited with dynamic QR codes. This is beneficial because the physical code does not need to be reprinted in public places, saving time, labor, and money. Just update changes on the backend and keep the physical code as-is. This is also great for restaurants with changing daily specials on menus. 

2. It can be printed on any visible, flat surface

QR codes can be printed on many different types of surfaces for your display. These codes can be placed in public where waiting and lines are common, to engage consumers and boost traffic to your landing pages. They can also be displayed privately in your shop or on the patio so your customers can have easy access to the information given. Check out our best QR code printing guide for successful codes every time.

3. It captures a broad audience

A QR code sign placed on busy walking streets and other public places are beneficial for capturing a broader audience, outside the scope of your current client base, which has the potential to increase sales revenue in the long and short term. In addition, an outstanding design of the QR code sign will attract even more attention. 

4. Your digital marketing campaign is measurable

Unlike with print-only marketing campaigns, QR code displays can be analyzed on the Supercode analytics dashboard. Every scan is tracked to help you scale where your traffic is coming from. QR code tracking is automatically done with dynamic QR codes, which are also editable so you won't have to reprint a new code to make changes on the back end.

5. It is versatile

Since a QR code sign can be used for educating, AR experiences, shopping, following social media, menus, and more, there is no limit to what you can route to customers. Add a QR code display to any campaign strategy with a clear call-to-action depending on your goal for that specific campaign.

qr code display at dubai mall

Applications for Using a QR Code Display

1. Put a QR code display in malls to engage with customers digitally

There are many ways to increase engagement rates with a QR code sign. Here are some ideas: 

  • Use a digital QR code sign so people can be routed to a mall directory in their mobile phones. 
  • Encourage customers to download the mall mobile app.
  • Announce upcoming events, special sales, and new stores opening soon. 
  • Enter contests to win online instead of filling out paper forms.
qr codes on mall display for contest
Image source: Gigital Screen Hire

2. Place a QR code display on restaurant patios to entice guests

Use a QR code display for your menu outside of restaurants, bars, and cafes to advertise daily specials, happy hour schedules and promotions, full menus, live music event information, and even check-in to reserve a table on a waiting list.

qr code display Johnny B. Good menu

3. Advertise for the top sales in shopping districts

Use a QR code display in shopping districts to advertise the top 5 or 10 sales in that area. Since dynamic QR codes are easily editable, keep the same physical code on display and change the information as often as necessary. When people feel they are getting the most up-to-date sales information conveniently, they get excited to shop. Paper adverts become outdated as soon as inventory has been sold. Additionally, consumers can keep the information on their mobile phones while they are walking around.

4. Check-in and give feedback with simplicity at events

Place a professional-looking QR code display outside of conferences, networking events and meet-ups, private art exhibitions, and social gatherings for easy check-in to measure the attendance at social events. A bonus is placing another QR code display on the way out for feedback to see how people enjoyed speakers, food and beverages, what they thought of the parking situation, the venue, and anything else you want to know, with star ratings and optional comments and contact information.

5. Announce shows, plays, and festivals

Create an eye-catching QR code sign to interest the public and educate them with AR experiences regarding your next show or event. Add e-commerce sites where audiences can buy e-tickets and consult schedules and showtimes. 

How to Make a QR Code for Displays

Creating QR codes with Supercode is easy and takes seconds. Here is a quick guide on how to create QR codes for displays to achieve your marketing goals. 

1. Choose the right type of QR code. Here are some of our suggestions: 

  • URL QR Codes - send scanners to your landing page to share your work, AR experiences, and m-commerce site.
  • Social Media QR Codes - place a recognizable QR code on your display to attract followers on social media.
  • Email QR Codes - fantastic for questions regarding services directly like hair salons spas, show information, and ticket reservations for events.
  • SMS QR Codes - amazing for information that is necessary in an already prewritten SMS message. This code works everywhere as it requires no internet connection. Use these codes for sales and promotions or discount codes in shops.
  • Plain Text QR Codes - best for making codes for exclusive coupons for products and samples.
  • Feedback QR Codes - great for placing a QR code on displays on the way out of events such as professional conferences and social gatherings.
  • Bulk QR Codes - perfect for making many codes at one time with static, dynamic, and one-off options.
  • Image QR Codes - great for showing off photo galleries and swapping out pictures for any product or service, complete with a CTA button for appointment booking or anything else.
  • WhatsApp QR Codes -perfect for conversational commerce, real estate, or public information sectors.
  • PDF QR Codes - distribute longer amounts of content to your audience without printing a lot of paperwork.
Supercode different types of QR codes

2. Create a code

Creating a code on Supercode is easy and takes seconds. Choose the type, the link or the content to include and click on save when you are ready. 

create a QR code on Supercode QR code generator platform

3. Modify the design 

Design the QR code to make an attractive design so consumers will want to scan. 

modify design of a QR code on Supercode QR code generator platform

4. Add your QR code to a folder to organize your workspace

Add customizable categories for new folders in the Supercode dashboard. Or, add your new QR code to a preexisting folder, both of which you can share with your marketing and management teams. 

save QR codes to different folders on Supercode platform

5. Test the code 

Scan the code by directing your phone camera on it and check if all the content displayed is correct. To make changes, simply go back to the dashboard and edit the code. 

bright colourful QR codes generated on Supercode platform

6. Print the code 

Put the code on your display in any publicly visible location to enhance your digital marketing campaign.

Supercode QR code printed on a business card

7. Track analytics

Use Supercode's dashboard analytics to track every scan and measure the success of your campaign.

Supercode analytics dashboard with QR code scans performance

Learn how to make QR codes in bulk with our Bulk QR code generator.

Best Practices for Using a QR Code Display

1. Optimize visual merchandising with QR codes

Retailer Debenhams launched an app in 2011 and linked a QR code to it in the window display of their shop. Their multi-channel strategy aimed at increasing sales. At least from their app, they had made 1 million pounds of sales in 5 months. However, shops can add QR codes to their visual merchandising campaigns for a variety of reasons. Share events and special offers, give exclusive discounts for scans and follows, give educational information about new products like fabrics and colors, and more.

debenhams window qr code display with mannequins in front
Image source: Econsultancy

2. Entertainment and education at airports

At the Denver International Airport, QR code signs were set up with free books to read so passengers could scan the QR codes and download the books to their mobiles to enjoy while waiting and on their flights. FirstBank sponsored the free book QR code display as part of their helpfulness campaign to the community.

qr code display linked to free e-books in airport
Image source: JCDecaux

3. Directly post QR codes on display at job fairs for job seekers to apply directly.

At a job fair in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China, QR codes were placed on displays for job seekers to scan and apply directly from their smartphones. The job seekers then used QR codes to deliver their resumes instead of bringing paper ones. QR codes were also used for their tickets to get in and collecting each company's information. “More than 500 companies have attended the job fair to fill over 9,000 positions, including the China Pacific Insurance Group and Yanshan Petrochemical,” states ecns.cn.

girls scanning qr code display at a job fair
Image source: ECNS

4. Give a fun freebie to the community to engage audiences

OUTFRONT Media placed a well designed QR code sign in a subway station in New York with a fun AR Instagram story filter with hearts and changing messages that will be fully in effect February 13-14, 2021 for Valentine's Day so users could send valentines messages out to their social media followers. An OohToday article quotes Jason Kuperman, Chief Product Experience Officer at OUTFRONT Media, “We are continually testing and discovering the possibilities of connecting out of home with mobile through the integration of emerging technologies... This is a fun way to utilize our screens to create a social experience using QR codes and AR filters on the Instagram platform and engage audiences.”

valentine's day heart shaped qr code sign in new york subway
Image source: OOH Today

heart shaped qr code sign from outfront media on a red poster
Image source: OUTFRONT Media

5. Astonish audiences with your creativity

Marks and Spencer ran a Mother's Day deals campaign in 2013 with a display featuring a QR code made up of 9,457 flowers that took 179 hours to make! And the QR code scanned! This fantastic QR code display shows off amazing creativity and catches the consumer's eye. This is perfect for short-term promotions, festivals, floats, and even weddings and anniversary parties!

mother's day qr code sign made from flowers
Image source: Randy Matheson


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