The 10 Best QR Code Marketing Ideas for Successful Campaigns

Feb 16, 2021
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Creative QR code marketing ideas are a powerful tool enabling marketers to achieve desired goals more effectively and deliver a higher MROI by cutting production costs. Converting leads to customers, sharing product information, connecting with consumers, getting their feedback and acting on it, with measurable results through dashboard analytics, can all be achieved by integrating QR code marketing into your online campaign strategy. 

By simply adding a customised QR code to your digital campaign to encourage customers to follow a clear call-to-action, businesses can easily measure the success of their digital marketing campaigns and adjust the tactics to achieve better results. Creative QR code markeitng ideas should inform, connect and engage with customers to keep up the strong relationship and build a community of loyal consumers. 

If you are looking for the best QR code marketing ideas in 2022, you're in the right place. We'll show you some amazing examples of businesses utilizing the technology in innovative ways!

1. Make it easy to find your location 

An interesting QR code marketing idea is to connect customers and tourists to your location. On websites, signs, or receipts, allow them to look up the store location closest to their home or next destination by scanning a QR code. Location finding is also a great way to keep customers coming back when they already know what to expect in the area they are in. Adding maps and distances is a very practical tool for the modern consumer. It also promotes tourism and helps out visitors of new cities.

Just put in a Google Map URL and enable people find your business by simply scanning a code. QR codes are the most cost-effective means of sharing coordinates leading to any location. Since the technology is fast and has exact coordinates, the confusion is removed from finding that exact location.

The City of Amsterdam linked QR codes to tourist sites to promote tourism and lead people to their app. There are 140 marked sites around the city.

Image source: Edenspiekermann

2. Start a scavenger hunt

Niesh, the largest student discount app in New Zealand, promoted a treasure hunt for university students in Auckland, with prizes ranging from free flights to Australia to free Burger King for a year. This popular app used QR codes for places that participated in Auckland such as, Burger King, The Coffee Club, and Lord of the Fries. All of the places were attached to a QR code to popular college places, making them and their locations more known than before.

A scavenger hunt and a treasure map with places to visit to get deals
Image source: Niesh Facebook Post

3. Boost app downloads

One of the most creative QR code marketing ideas is to boost app downloads. Supercode customizable QR codes are a convenient way for customers to find your app and get them to follow it without having to search for it.

McDonald’s was a pioneer almost a decade ago, promoting their QR codes to send customers straight to their app, where there were discounts, special promotions, and rewards. Their strategy worked and they continue to make special promotions on their app, in several countries that customers can’t get off the regular menu, in order to increase the reward after keeping in communication with them.

McDonald's app with QR codes for exclusive deals
Image source: McDonalds

Another example of boosting app downloads with QR codes is when L’Oréal along with Glamour, placed their QR codes in taxi cabs in New York City. The QR code connected to their app and according to Forbes, they had an 80% increase in downloads during the campaign. Scanning QR codes for apps is beneficial for businesses and customers alike.

4. Connect on social media

Use a QR code for social media to increase followers and engage with customers on social media platforms. Let the customer see who you are by connecting to your content. Whether your business is better marketed on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or any other outlet, you can connect any of your accounts on the palette of Supercode's social media QR code. It's convenient for your audience to see the accounts in one place and choose them accordingly. What is more, they won't have to search for you online and find your competitor of a similar name.

According to an AdEspresso by Hootsuite study, over 130 million users engage in shopping posts on Instagram per month, where brand engagement is 10x that of Facebook and 79% of Instagram users look up products there before buying. For this reason, it is crucial that your customers have a direct line to your social media outlets. Any social media outlet you have can be connected to a beautifully designed Supercode social media QR code with your logo and colors. 

qr code for social media palette with blue and white background
Image source: Supercode QR Code Generator

5. Increase sales

Create QR codes to share details about your product and drive traffic to your eCommerce store. Make it easy for the customer to become a repeat buyer. Now, many companies are putting QR codes on products or packaging like bags, receipts, and tags, making it more convenient to share one-click shopping with them and increase sales. Even if you are in sales, use a vCard QR code to add to a business card or keep in your phone for direct scanning, and new contacts will be sure to remember you.

Sharing any information about the product with 360 views like this Lancome ad below, where the product came from, and estimated times of delivery, all are important parts of the online process. 

Lancome now has a QR code leading to the advertisement of their new Idole perfume. After one experiences the short video they are led to the eCommerce store where they can make a purchase. It is an impressive way to store the information in the phone so the customer never loses contact and desires to continue with the purchase.

Customised QR code for Lancome perfume advertisement 
Image source: Behance

In addition, Amazon is a leader of transparency regarding track and trace, and with Amazon Elements, which are vitamins and supplements, they put a QR code on labels to inform customers about the ingredients in the products. Their transparency could easily go from track and trace logistics to product knowledge transparency by using a simple QR code. 

A phone scanning a QR code product information on Amazon Effect supplements
Image source: Stack3d

Make a dynamic QR code to direct customers to your latest advertisement, e-store, or brand in general. Supercode’s QR codes are a convenient way to easily get the message you want out to your consumer for an interactive experience with your brand.

6. Listen to consumers and act

Collecting customer feedback is an essential part of the business-consumer relationship. How well the business can improve the product and customer experience is what will keep the customer coming back and increase customer loyalty. Knowing how to personalize their experiences through quick surveys and preference requests, the consumer will begin to trust that the company is listening and really cares about them.

Just create a Supercode feedback QR code in a few minutes. Add any questions you would like to know about how customers feel about your product, service, location, and pricing. Customers can leave a star rating and optional comments and their contact information if they want to, opening up the communication channel with them. Moreover, no customer feedback is complete without tracking QR code analytics to tell you how many scans you have had and where they are coming from.

feedback qr code star ratings
Image source: Supercode QR Code Generator

7. Improve conversations with your target audience

WhatsApp QR codes are taking off in 2022 as a result of conversational commerce, increased travel with international phone numbers, and need to connect with customer service and sales lines instantly. No more misspelled phone numbers or out-of-area country codes. WhatsApp QR codes enable clients to reach businesses as long as they are connected to the internet. They can be used for local or international numbers. For more localized businesses, an SMS QR code does the same. They route the person who scans straight to WhatsApp or SMS Messenger instantly with a predefined phone number. These are also amazing for people in sales, real estate agents, lawyers, independent contractors, private tutors, and anyone else with marketing materials who want to get their phone number out there quickly.

8. Outdo your competition

While that may mean different things to you in your industry and with your resources, outdoing your competition with creative QR code marketing ideas will get attention. The Chinese gaming company Bilibili sent 1500 drones into the sky to celebrate the one year anniversary of the mobile game Princess Connect! Re:Dive.

qr code in the sky over shanghai
Image source: Gamerbrave

9. Enable class sign-ups

There's no better way to connect with students and clientele than with a QR code that enables class sign-ups. Use an image QR code to display the images you want and swap them out anytime. These can even work for displaying products or services, art, and more. The image QR code has a call-to-action button included for signing up for classes, booking appointments with stylists, confirming attendance, and anything else you want to use it for, including a route to your website or landing page. Or even add a WhatsApp or email QR code if you prefer registration for classes and events that way!

Image source: Canva

10. Promote events with updated information

Creative QR code marketing ideas evoke curiosity in the person who scans; just don't make it a mystery. People need a clear call-to-action to entice them to scan. Evoking curiosity in your target audience will look different for different industries. If you have an event venue, a restaurant, or bar for example, just add a dynamic URL QR code which can be modified on the back end without being reprinted. (Static URL QRs can't be edited but are great for information that doesn't change). When you change and update events, schedules, and menus, the person who scanned and kept the information in their mobile phones will always be able to get back to the newest information.

qr code for live music at the beach

On a final note

Linking QR code marketing ideas to your digital campaigns is the necessary solution to supporting any business-customer relationship. Route your customers to your websites, social media, and apps, to keep in two-way communication with you to improve customer satisfaction measurably, increasing your MROI.

There are many ways to use QR code marketing ideas and adding them to your campaign is an innovative way to take your digital relationship with customers to a new level. Try it today!


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