10 Ways QR Codes Are Effective for Businesses and Consumers

Mar 31, 2021
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QR Codes are not about to make a comeback – they already have managed to become streamlined in different industries across the world. One of the reasons QR codes are so popular and integrated into so many marketing campaigns is because QR codes are effective and deliver great results to marketing and sales teams. Essentially, a QR code is a hyperlink that interconnects online and the physical world. Some of the most common use cases of QR codes are using the technology to increase sales, ask for feedback, boost awareness about the brand and increase the downloads of mobile apps. Marketers see QR codes as an effective tool that can lead to hyper-interactions, significantly increase engagement rates and build a trusted two-way communication channel with customers. 

However, not every QR code or QR code marketing campaign is effective. The effectiveness of QR codes and the results the marketing campaigns achieve depends on the overall strategy and the way it gets implemented. That is why it is essential to think carefully about the creation process of a high-quality QR code, have a proven distribution plan, and choose a trusted QR code generator platform that offers an analytics dashboard with statistics that empowers businesses to evaluate how successful their campaigns are. 

What is it that makes the QR codes effective in the first place though? QR codes are effective from both business and customer perspectives. If you want to know what makes QR codes effective for your campaigns and more, keep reading! We'll show you insights as to why you need QR codes in your business.

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5 reasons QR codes are effective for business

1. QR codes are easy to generate 

Yes, QR codes are easy to generate. You can use free online software to generate QR codes. If you want to use QR codes as a payment method or execute marketing campaigns, then seek out the services of a professional marketer or IT expert. Most brands now generate QR codes to act as printed hyperlinks. You can even generate QR codes in bulk to save you time, which saves you money.

2. QR codes have low printing costs

Another element that makes QR codes so effective is the realistic cost-structure. You don’t need a huge budget to generate QR codes for diverse marketing campaigns. With a single QR code, users can access the entire information of a product or service on their smartphone in an instant. Dynamic QR codes can be edited on the back end which means you don't need to reprint campaigns that could be on a billboard for example. To learn more about printing QR codes, check out our short and necessary guide for success.

3. QR codes enable better lead generation 

Marketers can use QR codes to find out the sales growth of a marketing campaign. Unlike traditional billboards and print media, marketers can use QR codes to estimate the revenue from total clicks and leads. QR codes generate leads by routing the user to landing pages, social media, e-commerce stores, and more. It's a quick way to get traffic to various places effectively.

4. Dynamic QR codes are easily modified

Dynamic QR codes can be modified at any time for updated information. There is no reason to reprint the code in any place when it can just be modified on the back end. This saves time, energy, and costs of printing a new code. You can also modify the design as you want with any QR code if you choose to reprint them.

5. QR codes show people who you are

Businesses can promote their brand, services, and products with virtual experiences that are kept in mobile phones. Product knowledge is increased and m-commerce stores are more easily accessible. Incorporate them into your marketing strategy with branded colors and your company logo for brand awareness and recognition.

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5 reasons QR codes are effective for customers

1. QR codes are intriguing 

Curiosity means a lot to consumers when it means they might get something extra out of scanning and QR codes attract peoples' attention, especially when there is a clear CTA with a discount or freebie just for scanning. Once users scan a QR code that benefits them in some way, it leads to instant gratification that compels them to return. Additionally, in 2020 the usage of QR codes increased by 37% amongst UK and US consumers and more people find QR codes trustworthy and safe to use. Moreover, custom-designed QR codes with branded colors, logos and frames are eye-catching and further inspire people to take action and scan QR codes.

2. QR codes are easily accessible 

Anyone with a cell phone can scan a QR code. You literally just point the phone at the QR code - it's the simplest thing you will ever do with a smartphone. The technology makes QR codes accessible to customers of all ages, and all levels of tech skills. 

3. QR codes are instant 

Customers and clients don’t have to wait long hours to get more information about products or services. QR codes are highly responsive and work in favor of users, marketers, and firms. QR code technology is unique because it enables customers to quickly and easily access the information on their phones while they are shopping. It even takes out the step of searching for a website or a company's social media account online.

4. QR codes are interactive 

Scanning QR codes and receiving a value-added extra is exciting for customers. Interacting through games, scavenger hunts, and design platforms to imagine different colors of clothes, and even hairstyles, makes customers quick to scan if they know they can find something in your brand that can't be offered anywhere else.

5. QR codes store information in mobile phones

There is no need to print and hand out heavy brochures anymore. Just place a QR code within reach of the guest or customer and they can store information such as maps, contact information, nearby shops and services, and anything else relevant to your industry in a single code. Always place a clear message on the code so people know why they are scanning and what they will receive on the other end. "Scan here for spa hours" is a great example of a clear message that encourages customers to keep your information.

To conclude

Although the technology behind the QR codes has been around for awhile, the integration between web and print through mobile is a new game. As the rules of the game continue to change, there is an opportunity to use QR codes for more outreach programs and marketing efforts. QR codes are time and cost-effective and deliver a positive return on investment if they are strategically and correctly included in your digital marketing campaign. 

Marketers now even use QR Codes to influence users to share a specific piece of information with others. In a span of a few years, the continuous and streamlined use of QR codes has managed to create a more progressive online community. The popularity of QR codes will continue to echo for years and help organizations and marketers create more intuitive solutions.

Supercode QR code generator will effectively assist you in your digital marketing campaigns. With an easy-to-use, creative design system, you can incorporate QR codes into your strategy in just a few minutes. Sign up and utilize our free educational tips and tricks to get you creating your codes today.


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